Introduction: Thirteen Ideas to Motivate Yourself

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Do you want to motivate yourself ?

If you really want to, you can read this book. Or you can just simply read those thirteen ideas.

Here are some simple and straight forward steps through motivation you can try them all or just try to try some.

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Step 1: Aim High

Put high targets and try to achieve them by positive thinking and working hard towards them.

For Muslims, Al Firdaus of Jannah is the highest aim and the most precious target they want to get.

Also for Muslims, another high target is memorizing The Holy Qur'an.

If you put a high target towards your eyes and work for it everyday you will achieve it.

You may find yourself a good target at life such as writing a book, running a marathon or starting your business.

Step 2: Stop Procrastinating

Just do it NOW.

Stopping procrastinating itself needs more than one instructable and there are a lot of steps to stop it and to start to do what you should do.

But this is really the most important step towards self motivation.

Step 3: Do What You Love First

If you have some important and useful things to be done and you have the option of choosing what to do first, choose to do what you really love ding it first.

This will let you start doing the useful and creative stuff more easily and quickly. After you achieve what you love more, you can start to make important and useful things you love less or even hate. The power of achievement will drive you through the next phases.

You may want to follow your dreams to find happiness and fulfillment.

Step 4: Sport Regularly

Running or swimming on a regular basis is a good habit. Just keep training for short and closely separated time periods.

Some people consider running or swimming as hard and difficult sports.

You may try Aerobic exercise for only 30 minutes daily at your home. This will keep your body and mind in shape.

Step 5: Keep Writing

Keep writing lists and journals. Keep blogging and doodling your ideas.

Choose the best pencils, notebooks and blogs for you to motivate yourself to write down your achievements and future projects.

Keep yourself an achievements journal that contains even small daily achievements and happy daily memories.

Reading this journal form time to time will keep you motivated even in your bad times.

You may post your technical or DIY projects on and you may use for online blogging and ideas sharing.

Step 6: Talk About It

Talk about your achievements and things you really want to accomplish to people you care about and they feel the same for you.

Doing so will keep your mind in a state of focusing on that exact thing and working towards it.

Step 7: Read Motivating Stuff

Many motivating writers had books about self help and self motivation you can read to spark motivation into your mind.

These books have helped many people all around the world to focus and achieve their targets.

Keep in mind that these books are about SELF HELP and SELF MOTIVATION.

You really are the who IS helping yourself.

What the book does is directing your thoughts and organizing them to help you helping yourself.

Tony Robbins has been a super source of change in many persons lives. It was for me as well. Give this book a try.

Step 8: Hang Around With Motivating People

Keep yourself surrounded with positive thinking people who talk and act positively.

They will drive you to the kind of life and thinking the way you really want.

Step 9: Take a Cold Shower

This may not seem a good idea especially in winter. Cold shower may be a painful and terrifying idea for some people.

If you think about it, some countries where there are frozen lakes people go swimming in these lakes.

Why do they want to do this ?

If you don't have a frozen lake at your country you may try to have a cold shower at your home.

Doing so will strengthen your immunity system, nervous system , your heart and your lungs.

It also is very good for self motivation.

Step 10: Everyday Basis

Find yourself a good start for an Every-Day project.

You may find that reading a 10 papers from a good book or run for 2 kilometers daily is a good starting project.

Just keep a journal for your every day progress.

Don't let go of your everyday project and don't get disappointed if you failed to do the stuff for one day. Just keep doing it and forgive yourself for that only day.

Step 11: Hand Craft

Keep doing things you love with your hands.

You don't have to do something big or complex thing. Just a simple hand made token or craft with motivate you to make more beautiful and valuable things.

You may use the DIY website

Step 12: Visit Open Areas

Open areas with green colors and natural surroundings keep your mind fresh and happy. Visit new places and try new experiments.

Meet new people and enlarge your perspective to life.

Step 13: Grow Green Gardens

Keep green plants and flowers in your indoor garden. It will keep you cheerful and happy everyday.

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