This Is How I Made Iron Man Arc Reactor




Introduction: This Is How I Made Iron Man Arc Reactor

This instructables describes how to make a toy arc reactor from easily available materials.

Step 1: Materials Required:

1) Case from Headphone

2) LED circuit from USB Flash light

3) White and blue colour plastic carry bags

4) Black insulation tape

5) Glue gun, adhesive

6) Book cover

7)9 v battery with clip

8) Thin transparent plastic sheet

9) Double sided tape

10) Pen, penknife, geometry compass

Step 2: Draw the Figure As Per the Below Picture

(Watch video to see how it is drawn)

Step 3: Cut the Circle With the Help of Scissor

Cover it with black insulation tape on the any end.

Step 4: As Per the Lines Drawn on the Paper Cut It With a Pen Knife

Paste it on a transparent thin plastic sheet with the help of adhesive.

Cut white and blue carry bags and stick it to the existing model as per the picture

Step 5: Make Hole on the Case of Headphone

Fix the led circuit on the headphone case

Stick it to the case as per the picture by using glue gun

Step 6: Iron Man Arc Reactor Is Ready!

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    5 years ago

    Not bad for a quick Halloween costume piece. A little crude, would have been nice if the whole thing lit up instead of just one strip down the middle. I made one for a little kid once in the hospital. I used a dollar store tap light, taped it up and spray painted the body silver and used a paint marker to draw the design onto the "lens". I drilled 2 small holes in it and put small twine thru it so it would hang around his neck under his Iron man shirt. He loved it! biggest cost was the batteries, changed out the cheap ones from the dollar store so it would last longer.


    Reply 5 years ago

    your idea also nice