Introduction: This Is How I Made Iron Man Arc Reactor

This instructables describes how to make a toy arc reactor from easily available materials.

Step 1: Materials Required:

1) Case from Headphone

2) LED circuit from USB Flash light

3) White and blue colour plastic carry bags

4) Black insulation tape

5) Glue gun, adhesive

6) Book cover

7)9 v battery with clip

8) Thin transparent plastic sheet

9) Double sided tape

10) Pen, penknife, geometry compass

Step 2: Draw the Figure As Per the Below Picture

(Watch video to see how it is drawn)

Step 3: Cut the Circle With the Help of Scissor

Cover it with black insulation tape on the any end.

Step 4: As Per the Lines Drawn on the Paper Cut It With a Pen Knife

Paste it on a transparent thin plastic sheet with the help of adhesive.

Cut white and blue carry bags and stick it to the existing model as per the picture

Step 5: Make Hole on the Case of Headphone

Fix the led circuit on the headphone case

Stick it to the case as per the picture by using glue gun

Step 6: Iron Man Arc Reactor Is Ready!