This Lamp Has Been Banned in 30 Countries!

Introduction: This Lamp Has Been Banned in 30 Countries!

This beautiful spinning lamp will light up your room with amazing shadows that will amuse all that are watching. Everyone will be transfixed with the beauty you have created after you finish this lamp.

Step 1: Getting Started

Blow up a balloon and create a mixture 3 parts Elmer's glue, one part water. Soak yarn in the glue mixture.

Step 2: The Yarn Lamp

Spread the glue covered yarn over the balloon, crisscrossing over itself and leave the balloon to sit for two days

Step 3: Finishing the Lamp Shade

Pop the balloon and the yarn ball should stay in shape, then spraypaint the balloon black. While you're at it spray paint the inside of a large box black

Step 4: Making Your Platform

Cut out a perfect circle from cardboard and make a small hole in the center, stick a small motor in the hole and hot glue it in place, hot glue the balloon yarn ball down, centered, on the cardboard platform

Step 5: Assembling the Lamp

Set up the box with the short end down, glue the motor down to the bottom of the box, attach either side of a rope to a flashlight, creating a loop, with light facing up, tape the top of the loop to the top of the box and hang the flashlight down into the balloon net

Step 6: Making It Move

insert 4 batteries into a battery pack and use 4 alligator clips to attach the motor to the positive and negative sides of the battery pack, the platform should begin to spin

Step 7: YOUR'RE DONE :)

It should look like this video :) GOOD JOB

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    It is a cool looking lamp, but in the future I would suggest uploading your videos to Youtube instead of attaching them as files.

    Also.... has the lamp /really/ been banned? The title is very click-baity :(


    Reply 4 years ago

    it really HAS been banned in thirty countries including North Korea


    4 years ago

    Neat looking lamp, thanks for sharing how you made it! :)