Introduction: Thread Nail Art Tutorial

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In this instructable I will show you how to make nail design with a thread at home using gel polish. This is easy tutorial about making thread nail art.

The idea of creating a manicure with a thread is one of the last hits on the Instagram from nail masters. This is a fast nail gel polish design that is performed with a single movement of the thread on the nail. The pattern is always unique and attractive.

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Step 1: ​Apply Two Layers of White Color

Apply two layers of white color polish on our nail, and the second one does not dry under the lamp (the design is done on wet polish)

Step 2: Apply One or Several Colors of the Gel Polish on the Thread

Cut off a thread of about 5-8 cm (2” – 3”) long and put it on the palette. Apply one or several colors of the gel polish on the thread.

Step 3: Place the End of the Thread

Place the end of the thread, with gel polish, onto the nail in an arbitrary shape. To get a feather, the thread is placed either as an arc, or is twisted in a circle.

Step 4: Pull the Second End of the Thread and Get the Original Pattern

Pull the second end of the thread and get the original pattern. While pulled, the thread can be rotated, thereby creating a variety of patterns.

Step 5: Finish

Fix the design with the top polish.

Step 6: Watch Those Steps in Action in This Video

Now watch those steps in action by checking out my video tutorial. :)