Introduction: Threading the ITP Singer 534 Stylist

We've added a classic singer 534 to the shop so y'all beginners don't have to wrestle with the Juki. Here is a guide on how to thread it.

P.S. the pressure foot should be up before you start!

Step 1: Place the Thread on the Spool Pin (over the Felt)

Notice that the tread is coming out underhanded, i.e. down the right side and across the bottom

Step 2: Work It Throught the Tension System

This one is the trickiest. Slide it into the silver hook from the top (picture 1) and then down around and up the metal latch on the right hand side of the tension knob, laying the thread on the right hand side of the knob (picture 2). Then lay the thread down on the left hand side... pulling down the springy silver loop as you go and hooking the thread under the other metal latch on the left hand side. Release the tension a little and you will see the spring pop up again. (pictures 3 thru 5)

Step 3: Slip Down Past the Clip and Up Into the Lever Arm...

The lever arm should be in it's highest position. You can get it there by turning the hand wheel on the right hand side of the machine. You don't need to thread the lever arm, it is built like a hair pin with the opening in the back, almost inside the machine.

Step 4: Now Bring It Throught the Last Couple of Guides And... Through the Needle!

There are two more before you can thread the needle itself... the first one lets the thread in from the right, the second in from the left... then the thread goes into the needle from front to back