Introduction: Tic-tac-toe Naughts and Crosses Cardboard Maker Tutorial

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a Tic-Tac-Toe game out of cardboard easily.


  • Cardboard (Preferably 1 tissue box)
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 30cm ruler
  • Coloured pencils or highlighters (optional)
  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 piePaper (optional)

Step 1: Find an Empty Tissue Box and Open All the Tabs

This should be quite easy to do. First, find an empty tissue box or piece of cardboard that is quite large.

Step 2: (if Using a Tissue Box or Other Box) Cut All Tabs Off Tissue Box

Next you will need to cut the end pieces off the cardboard box. Remember, DO NOT THROW THEM OUT! You will need them later.

Step 3: Cut a 21cm by 21cm Square Out of Cardboard

For the next step, you will need to use your ruler for this. First, measure a 21 cm line along one of the edges of the cardboard. Next, you must rule a 21 cm line across the edge touching the first line.

Step 4: Draw Lines

Along each side of the square, every 7cm, draw a small dot on the edge, then connect each dot with the dot on the other side, making an even 3x3 square.

Step 5: Cut Small Squares Out of Leftover Cardboard

With the cardboard that was not used, cut out even squares with all of them.

Step 6: Draw X's and O's on the Small Squares

Next you must draw X's and O's on the small squares on cardboard. Make sure you have 5 O's and 4 X's, because O always goes first. If you have a small round object like a gluestick, you can trace your own circle so it looks neat.

Step 7: Throw Out All Extra Cardboard

The final mandatory step is to throw out all of the extra cardboard that you didn't use and to have fun playing naughts and crosses!

Step 8: Optional Step

For more fun, grab a piece of paper and rule a line down the middle and write the 2 names of the players. You can then tally up your scores from each game and the first to win 5 games wins! You can also decorate the Naughts and Crosses board with colours and make the X's one colour and make the O's another colour!