Introduction: Tie-Blanket

A step-by-step guide on how to do a simple tie blanket using either one or two fabrics.

Material needed:

- Fabric

- Scissors

- Ruler/tape measure

- At least 4 sewing pins (if desired for cleaner cut)

-Optionally a fabric marker

Step 1: Choose Your Material

  • Most tie blankets are made with fleece material but I have had success using Minky material as well.
    • The softer the material, the more slippery it is to work with.
    • Using fabric such as linen does it make it cheaper to use but they won't be as comfortable.
  • You can choose of any color or pattern

Step 2: Determine the Size You Will Be Using

  • Having extra fabric is never a bad thing but the size should be judged on who the blanket will be used for.
  • The typical size for smaller blankets is 1 yard. Any size that you can cut strips in would work, however, as long as there is a general space in the center of the blanket.

Step 3: Lay Them Straight

  • Place both pieces of fabric on a flat surface, one directly on top of the other.
    • I found that it's easier to combine two corners and get them as straight as desired then lay them both down.
  • Make sure that their wrong sides are facing each other.

Step 4: Cut to Size

  • Make sure both pieces of fabric are the same size and shape
  • With them still laying on a flat surface cut the excess off the edges if there is any overlapping.

Step 5: Mark the Corners

  • With the blankets still laying on a flat surface, mark each corner 3 inches from both outer edges, this is where you will be cutting
  • You only need to mark the fabric that is on top.

Step 6: Optional Step

With the corners now marked I like to use sewing pins to keep both blankets in place before cutting them. This has been helpful at making the most precise cuts.

Step 7: Cut the Corner Pieces Out

Cut along the markings that have been made of the 3"x3" squares in each corner.

Step 8: Measure Around the Blanket

The strips that you will cut should be between 1/2" to 3/4" width, 3" length. If desired you can mark the distance between strips before you begin cutting.

Step 9: Tying the Strips

  • Each Strip from fabric A needs to be double knotted to the corresponding strip of fabric B.

Step 10: Check for Any Untied Strips

Double check along each side of the blanket to make sure each strip has been tied.

Step 11: Secure the Ties

For the final step I like to pull the edges of the blanket (note: do not pull on the ties) out horizontally to stretch and strengthen the ties so they don't unravel or look too cramped.