Introduction: Tie Wing

About: I love Tinkercad because it is so easy to use unlike some other 3D editing softwares. I like editing other peoples designs and am currently using Tinkercad for my 3D printing class.

This is for the contest and the category is mashup. You don't really need any supplies for this unless you want to print it.

Step 1: Get a Model of a X-Wing

First you take a normal model of a X-Wing star fighter.

Step 2: Getting the Wings Off of a X-Wing

Then you put some cubes and tweak them to cover the wings. Then change them to hole settings and then group them with the X-Wing to remove the wings. Oh and I forgot to mention but also cut off the 4 thrusters on the top and bottom of the rocket.

Step 3: Cutting the Cockpit of a Tie Fighter.

First you need a model of a Tie-Fighter. Then you need to put a cube with a hole setting on and get rid of the cockpit of the Tie-Fighter. Make sure not to delete the parts of the wings that are attaching it to the Tie-Fighter.

Step 4: Getting the Tie Fighter Wings

Once you have grouped that and got rid of the cockpit. The next step is to delete on of the wings. Then duplicate the remaining wing and use the mirror tool to get it to the other side. Now you have two separate wings to put on your X-Wing.

Step 5: Putting the Tie Fighter Wings On

The next step is to take the two wings of the tie fighter and put them on the wingless X-Wing. You want to put the wings right behind the cockpit where the previous X-Wing wings were. Then you can group them with the tie fighter and Voila! A Tie Wing, a combination of the cunning Galactic Empire(or the First Order) and the small but might rebels. Have fun with this design.