Introduction: Tiki Totem Ping Pong Dispenser

Don't you hate chasing ping pong balls around the garage? I do. I also hate it when I can't find them. Well what if we had a ping pong ball dispenser?

First you need a cardboard tube. A paper towel tube is big enough to fit a ping pong ball, but it is very squishy. I used a cardboard tube that was used to protect an office chair during shipping.

I used a drill press, a drill, a saw, and paint. You can decorate it however you want.

Step 1: Setting Up the Drill Press

I used a hole saw to cut circles in my recycled cardboard tube. I chose a circle big enough to fit a ping pong ball. Make sure that everything is tight and doesn't wobble.

Step 2: Making the First Mouth

I drilled a hole near the bottom of my cardboard tube. I turned the tube 90 degrees and made another hole. My dad helped me hold the tube because I am only eleven. After I drilled the two holes, I cut between them with tin snips.

Step 3: Making the Second Face

I put on a smaller bit and drilled three more holes for a mouth and two eyes. I recommend that you go slow so that you don't bend or crush the cardboard tube.

Step 4: Gluing on the Eyes

I notices that the parts that I cut out from the first mouth would make good eyes. I used super glue because it dries very fast, but any kind of glue will work. Be careful not to glue your fingers to anything.

Step 5: Adding Details to the Eyes

I thought that the second face looked too plain, so I decided to add wooden rings to the eyes. I drilled a small hole and a big hole to make each ring. I glued these around the eyes.

Step 6: Closing Up the Bottom

I found a bit that would cut a plug that fits inside the tube. I glued this in place and put some ping pong balls to make sure that they don't come out.

Step 7: Making Holes for Zip Ties

I drilled four holes through the back and will install zip ties later.

Step 8: Painting

I used a variety of colors to decorate my tiki totem. People return paint to Home Depot and it's a cheap way to get different colors of paint.

Step 9: Putting in Zip Ties

I inserted zip ties and secured my tiki totem to the ping pong table leg. Then I cut off the extra part of the zip ties.

Step 10: Final Product

This is perfect for when I am serving the ball. I just need to reach down and grab another one.

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