Introduction: Tim Peake's Blue Overalls Costume

About: English language teacher, carpenter, repair cafe volunteer, beaver scout helper, fixer and general maker of things.

You will need:

child sized overalls, blue for Tim Peake, orange for Nasa or Soviet Union.

iron-on tshirt transfer paper

scrap white fabric

Step 1: How to Make the Badges

Using google images or similar find and then save images of the badges and patches you would like to see on the costume. For the Tim Peake name badge I wrote Tim Peake in English and Russian on open office, then took a screen shot of what was there, then cropped and saved that screen shot along with the badge images taken off the internet

Using paint on windows or preview on a mac horizontally flip the images and then print them onto the tshirt transfer paper. Iron the badges onto the scrap white fabric and peel off the backing when cooled. it should now be apparent why it was necessary to flip the images.

Step 2: Cut-out and Sew

Now just cut-out the badges and sew them onto the overalls (there are plenty of photos of Tim in his overalls on the internet). It looks like I put the badges in slightly the wrong place, my son isn't bothered, he's pretty happy with his costume overall.