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After spending hours at a workbench you really do want to shave of any access time you sit there. Collectivly switching tools you end up wasting plenty of time for simple tasks such as cutting, with the Time Saving Pliers you will have an x acto blade and pliers in one so you spend less time switching and more time fixing.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1. A set of pliers ( i picked up a set for 1.86 at home depot)
2. An x acto blade
2 Crazy Glue

1.Dremel with EZ lock thin cut blade
2. Vice of some sort
3. Sharpie 

Step 2: Making the Cut

You will need to put the pliers in the vice for this step.
Mark a line in the middle of the pliers as shown with a sharpie.
Begin your cutting with the Dremel from the back to the tip of the pliers.
Gradually work your way down to the tip, try to make the cut as thin as possible and only a mm or two deep.

Step 3: Setting the Blade

I used an X- Acto blade because of how thin it was but soon realized the slit i had made was to big for it.
I cut the X- Acto blade the the shape I wanted and kept all of the spare fillings so that i could make the blade a slight bit thicker. Make sure when you are cutting the blade is tightly in the vice, i had it fly out and hit the wall which is kind of scary to think if i had been in standing there.

Step 4: Attaching the Blade

Attaching the blade is only a matter of trial and error. In the end i fastened it with crazy glue and dropped some solder into the cracks to make a snug fit.

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