Introduction: Tin Bucket With Your Everyday Needs!

Gather these supplies: a tin can, lined paper, a stapler (full of staples), Washie tape, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, cardboard, trail mix, tape, a soda can, Scissors, a ziploc bag, hot glue, post it notes, a granola bar and a knife

Step 1:

Take a linned piece of paper and fold it twice. Unfold the piece of paper then cut along the fold. Take a stapler and staple the book together. Take washie tape and decorate your book.

Step 2:

Take a ziploc bag and cut up right against the seal. Take your scissors and cut a small square at the edge. Take either a stapler or a hot glue gun and seal the rest of the unsealed space. Add small snacks that do not go bad easily like crackers or nuts.

Step 3:

Take your pencil and sharpen it so it fits in the box.

Step 4:

Take a granola bar and cut it carefully with a knife. Cut it so you have the 2 sides and no middle. Remove the granola bar from the cut wrapper and take a toothpick and stick both the pieces together. Take a bit of tape and tape the backs together.

Step 5:

Take a old pop can with nothing in it and cut off a small piece of the can. Take tape and tape one edge so one edge is shape and the other can’t hurt you. Take tape and remove the tape roll from the container and roll all the tape onto a small piece of cardboard or plastic.

Step 6:

Take your post it notes and cut off the non sticky part so you have a small pad of post it notes.

Step 7:

Take all the things you have made and put them all in your tin can. Decorate the outside of your can and you are ready to go!
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