Introduction: Tin Foil Bird

Make a bird out of tin foil



12 inch roll of tin foil


Black circular piece of plastic with 1/8 inch diameter


16 inch piece of packing styrofoam

Step 1: Crunch

Crunch a 17 by 12 inch piece of foil

Step 2: Shape the Foil

Shape foil into a bird shape, head, body, and tail

Step 3: Add More Aluminum

Add more aluminum foil on the body

Step 4: Add More Aluminum

Add more aluminum to the head and shape it

Step 5: Clip the Tail

clip the tail to size

Step 6: Insert Two Tooth Picks

Insert two tooth picks to the bottom of the bird to act as legs

Step 7: Cover

Cover each tooth pick with a piece of tin foil and shape with fingers

Step 8: Tail and Wings

Cut one heart shape piece of tin foil and place it on top of the body of the bird this will shape the wings and the tail

Step 9: Shape Foil

After you shape the foil it should look like this

Step 10: Cut Slices

Cut 4 one inch width slices of tin foil

Step 11: Twist

take each slice and twist to form the feet

Step 12: Feet

The is what it should look like for each foot

Step 13: Log

Take a piece of packing styrofoam

Step 14: Edges

Cut of the edges with a knife

Step 15: Round

Round off the off to shape like a log

Step 16: More Tin Foil

Get some tin foil

Step 17: Cover

Cover it with the tin foil

Step 18: Eyes

Get the black plastic and the pins

Step 19: Pin Eyes on Bird

Pin the plastic pieces on the birds head on each side.

Step 20: Insert Then Feet

Insert the tooth picks into the log and attach feet by wrapping them around the tooth pick and pin it with a pin

Step 21: Done