Introduction: Tinfoil Spiders

Hey, everyone!

So, here’s the deal. I find myself using tinfoil from time to time, and by the end of its use, I can’t help but feel quite wasteful - especially when the foil is clean. This is why I try to reuse my tin foil as much as I can. I create figurines of spiders and other little bugs out of foil to give to my friends or to keep for myself as decorations for my bedroom counter - and today, I’ll teach you guys on how to create your own little silver spiders that you can also use for decorations.




Step 1: Cut.

From your tinfoil, cut out five strips. A little reminder that there is no specific size you should cut your strips in. Make sure to leave excess foil for later steps.

Step 2: Fold

With your five strips, one-by-one, fold them vertically until they become spindly. You now have the legs and mouth of your spider.

Step 3: Cut Again.

With the left over tinfoil from step one, cut Three more strips.

Step 4: Roll.

With one of the three strips, roll the entire strip into a ball. This will be the spiders body.

Step 5: Blanket.

With the second strip, use half of the strip to cover the balled up foil. When that is done, you should have the rest of the strip sticking out the ball. Fold the excess foil to create the step of the body, your foil should look like the image above.

Step 6: Repeat.

Repeat Step Five with third strip.

Step 7: Bend.

Take the stem of the ball, and bend one-third of it.

Step 8: Place the Legs.

Using the bent piece of the stem, place all five strips you created from Step One along the stem. Make sure you get them as close to one another as possible.

Step 9: Bend.

Pushing down the bent piece of stem onto the strips, you then will fold the entire stem inward. Try to get as close to the ball as you can.

Step 10: Flip.

Flip the spider over. (Where you folded in, will be the bottom of the spider.)

Step 11: Get Creative.

The first strip of figurine will be the spiders mouth, so cut both sides as short as you want them.

Now this is where you can get creative when it comes to the size of your spiders. You can cut/bend the legs to be short and make them Tarantulas or leave them to be Daddy-Long Legs.

I hope you guys found this reusable craft easy and fun.