Introduction: TinkerCad Social Distancing Challenge

Hi there! I am a 4th grade general education teacher as well as a STEM Camp Leader at REACH Cyber Charter School in Pennsylvania. Before this challenge, my 3D Printing Camp Students have been utilizing TinkerCad for the whole 2019-2020 school year so they were very familiar with designing. Here are some skills we learned this year:

- How to drag shapes to the workplane

- How to resize shapes

- How to group/ungroup shapes

- How to use the scribble tool to freehand

In this challenge, I left it up to the students which category they designed for to ensure creativity and student choice. There were not too many guidelines except the category guidelines since these designs did not have to be physically printed.

Step 1: Example One: Mashup: Borderlands Skag

This example was created by an 11th grade student who took his inspiration from the video game "Borderlands." He recreated a creature from one of his favorite video games, "Borderlands." However, he put his own unique spin on it using different coloring as well as changing up certain elements.

By looking at his creation, you can see he utilized many different shapes and connectors in Tinkercad such as the "paraboloid" shape to make the Skag's teeth. To create jointed toes, he utilized the "angled ball" connector.

Step 2: Example Two: Mashup: "Peace Pilot"

This design was created by an 11th grade student and he titled it "Peace Pilot." This design is meant to be a spaceman with a plane on his back. It fits under the "mashup" category.

This student used basic shapes like a cone to make the top of the plane, as well as a die to make the head of the pilot. This students' interests are captured in this design very well.

Step 3: Example Three: Mashup: Bunny Ukulele

This design was created by a 5th grade student. She took her favorite animal, a rabbit, and combined it with her favorite instrument, a ukulele, for the "mashup" category.

While this student used basic shapes like cylinders and paraboloids, she also utilized the "scribble" tool in TinkerCad to draw the bunny's mouth. She utilized the hole tool to create a triangle nose on the bunny.

Step 4: Example 4: Scene: Rapunzel's Tower

This student was the only student to create a design for the "scene" category. She decided to take her favorite movie "Tangled" and recreate Rapunzel's tower and landscape around the tower.

In her design, she utilized many basic shapes like spheres for the bushes, and a cone for the roof of the tower. She also utilized the scribble tool to create vines on the backdrop. My favorite part are the small details like Rapunzel's blonde hair flowing out of the tower window.

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