Introduction: Tinkercad Chair

This easy guide will show you how to build a 3D chair in tinkercad

Step 1: First Leg

Get a suitable shape for a chair leg, and make it the right size and colour for your chair.

Step 2: Other Chair Legs

get that leg that you have created in the previous step and copy and paste it 3 more times, to make 4 chair legs and put them one kn each corner.

Step 3: Seat

Make another shape the right size and colour that will be your seat of the chair and place it on top of the four legs

Step 4: Chair Back

Get a cylinder and make it the right size and shape for the back of your chair, then place it on the back edge of your chair seat, then copy and paste it on the other back edge. Once you have done that, copy and paste the cylinder again but this time make it smaller because this time it will be going at the middle back of your chair, then just fill up the middle back with the smaller cylinder till it looks nice.

Step 5: Finish Chair

Finally, finish the chair off by placing a beam shape at the top of your cylinders