Introduction: Tinkercad, Penguin

Tinkercad penguin with a top hat.

Step 1: Drag and Drop a Sphere From the Task Bar and Change the Colour to Black.

Step 2: Elongate the Sphere.

Step 3: Slightly Raise the Elongated Sphere. Then, From the Characters Tab Drag Two Flippers to Below the Elongated Sphere. After This Colour Both Flippers Orange.

Step 4: Take a Sphere From the Shapes Tab and Slightly Elongate It.

Step 5: Drag the New Elongated Sphere to Make the New Sphere Just Slightly Stick Out.

Step 6: Drag Sphere From Shapes Bar.

Step 7: Change the Colour of the Sphere to Black. Using the Rise Tool, Place the New Sphere Onto of the Penguins Abdomen.

Step 8: Then Collect a Paraboloid From the Shape Tab and Colour It Orange. Using the Angle and Rise Tools, Shape the Paraboliod Onto to Penguin to Create a Beak.

Step 9: Next, Grab a Ring and a Cylinder From the Shapes Tab.

Step 10: Place the Ring Onto of the Flattened Cylinder. and Using the Elongate Tool, Elongate the Ring to Make the Top Part of the Hat.

Step 11: Then Grab Another Cylinder.

Step 12: Elongate, Stretch and Move This New Cylinder to Finish the Hat. After It Is Fitted to the Hat, Group the Hat You Have Now Made.

Step 13: Once Grouped, Move the Hat to the Top of the Penguin. If You Like You Can Rotate the Angle of the Hat to Make It Align on Top of the Penguins Head at a Slight Slope.

Step 14: Collect Two Spheres From the Shape Tab.

Step 15: Use Those Two Spheres for the Eyes. to Do This You Need to Elongate the Spheres, As Well As Rising Them Into Position.

Step 16: After They Are in the Right Position, Colour Them White.

Step 17: For the Final Step, Go the The OMSI Hangout Space (Near Shapes Tab) and Collect Some Coaches As Finishing Touches.