Introduction: Tinkercad Proposal Scene

This instructable will show you how to make this proposal scene using Tinkercad.


-A computer

-A Tinkercad account

-Prior experience with Tinkercad

Step 1: Neck & Head

make a small cylinder and sphere for a neck and head.

Step 2: Body

Move the neck and head upwards and add a cylinder for the body.

Step 3: Arms

Add a cylinder and rotate it to make an arm that looks like it is covering a mouth. Add another arm on the side and change the colour of the body cylinder for clothes.

Step 4: Legs

Add two black cylinders for legs and two short red cylinders for shoes.

Step 5: Hair

Add an elongated sphere for a ponytail and a squashed sphere for the hair on top of the head.

Step 6: Skirt

Add a white Paraboloid. Put a box hole on top of it and group them to make a skirt. Drag it onto your person.

Step 7: Shoe

Congratulations, you've finished the first person! Now let's start the next person, this time starting from the foot.

Make a flattened cylinder and group it with a wedge hole to make a high heel shoe.

Step 8: Leg - Part 1

Change the shoe's colour to red and add a blue cylinder for a leg.

Step 9: Leg - Part 2

add a small sphere for the knee and another cylinder for the other half of the leg.

Step 10: Body 2

Add a cylinder for the body.

Step 11: Other Leg - Part 1

Group together the parts of the first leg so you can duplicate it and make a second.

Step 12: Other Leg: Part 2

Ungroup the shoe and rotate the rest of the leg. Then bring the shoe back.

Step 13: Other Leg - Part 3

Ungroup the parts of the leg. Move the upper half of the leg downwards and rotate the lower half so that the person is kneeling.

Step 14: Other Leg - Part 4

Rotate the back shoe and add a sphere for the foot. Change the colour of the second person's body cylinder to red.

Step 15: Head & Neck 2

Add a small cylinder and sphere for the neck and head just like the first person. Move the head and neck upwards and place it on top of the body.

Step 16: Arms 2

Add two cylinders on the sides of the body for arms. Rotate them so the 'hands' are together

Step 17: Hair 2

Add a squashed sphere for the hair on top of the head, and a small sphere for a bun.

Step 18: Box - Part 1

Congratulations, you've finished the second person!

Make a small box. Put a box hole in it and group them together.

Step 19: Box - Part 2

Add another small box for the lid. Group it all together and put it into the second person's hands.

Step 20: Ring

Add a ring and rotate it so it is standing upright. put a diamond on top of it. Change the ring colour to silver and the diamond to red (we're going to pretend it's a ruby)

Step 21: Ring in the Box

Group the ring together, make it very small and put it in the box. Change the box colour to dark blue.

Step 22: Finished!

Congratulations! You've created an adorable proposal scene using Tinkercad. 👩🏼❤️👩🏾

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