Introduction: Tinkercad Rubiks Cube (moving Parts)

This is a fully functional Rubiks cube that you can 3d print and paint, I chose not to make color panels due to the fact that not everyone has the colors of filament needed. Stickers are also an option.


Paint or stickers, 3d printer.

Step 1: The Parts

It took a lot of shaping to get the parts right but they are quite close to what I was looking for. The Rubiks cube that is put together is merely an example of what it should look like, but cannot be printed. the rows of parts are used for printing and can easily be put together. One part (the core of the cube) has supports on it so make sure to take those off before assembling

Step 2: How to Put It Together

The core of the cube (the plus-shaped part) is the main part so grab that first. take one rod and one centerpiece (a piece with only one side. This piece also includes a circular hole on the back of it) and put the rod in through the back as far as it can go. You then can put this in one of the holes of the core. Repeat this until there are no rods or centerpieces left. Then take an edge piece (the one with two marked sides) and place it in the middle of one of the sides. Repeat this until no more are left and start with the corner pieces. These will go in the only available spots but this is very tedious and frustrating so be prepared for a lot of work.

Step 3: Dang It, I Accidentally Put Two Pictures on This Part (also Here's a Link to the Tinkercad Page)

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