Introduction: Tinkercad Scene Challenge

About: I am a 7th Grade STEM teacher in Minnesota.

Hello! I am a 7th Grade STEM teacher from MN. Prior to this challenge, students had been working on Tinkercad skills be completing other smaller challenges. They were taught the following skills:

  • How to resize objects
  • How to cut holes in objects
  • How to group objects
  • How to use the work plane tool

In this challenge, students are to create a scene of some sort. In order to give maximum creativity, I allowed them to create something that was completely original OR attempt to recreate something that already existed (real or fiction).

Here is the link to their slideshow directions. Here is the link to the YouTube video directions.

Step 1: Example 1: College Mall

This is the example that was created by the student who wanted me to enter this contest! She re-created the mall area of Florida State University.

In looking at her creation, you can see various details that she created using Tinkercad. She created the main building and roof with 'box' and 'roof' shapes. To create the windows, she made one window where she cut 'box' shaped holes. Then she duplicated the window to have consistency across the building.

She created the trees with cylinders and sphere shapes. Her fountain was created using cylinders and spheres.

This student also made sure to include the towers with parapets in order to make the design closer to the original photo.

Step 2: Example 2: Minneapolis Skyline

This student re-created buildings from the Minneapolis skyline. Although the design itself is very precise and specific to scale, it was mainly created using 'box' and 'cylinder' shapes. This student used his skills in resizing and using the work plane tool in order to create consistent, symmetrical designs similar to what you would see in skyscraper architecture. He also utilized the duplicate tool to his advantage, especially with windows that all need to be the exact same shape, size, and design.

Step 3: Example 3: Jane Sanders Stadium

This student re-created Jane Sanders Stadium, which is an outdoor softball stadium in Eugene, Oregon. (Home field of the Oregon Ducks).

In her design, she used many box and cylinder tools to create both flat and three dimensional pieces. She also used the grouping and cutting features in order to create shapes that did not previously exist in Tinkercad, such as the field shape itself as well as the shape of the dirt portion of the softball diamond.

In her Google Slide, she also included a picture of the real stadium that she used for her inspiration.

Step 4: Example 4: Stranger Things (Will's House)

This student decided to use both above and below the grid for her project. In this creation, she has built Will Byers's house from the Netflix TV show Stranger Things. She has also created the "Upside Down" world version of the house underneath the grid. Box shapes were used for the house and windows, while the roof shape was used for, well, the roof.

The scribble tool was used for some of the custom objects such as the clothes on the clothesline and the cracks in the "Upside Down" version of the house.

The trees were created by using cylinders (top level) as well as using some shapes from the "All" section.

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