Introduction: Tiny Bitey 2 Inches Spring Roll

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Usually, I make spring rolls out of spring roll wrapper.

Because this is a tiny challenge, so I decided to make Tiny Bitey spring rolls out of wonton wrapper. Wonton wrapper and spring roll wrapper are almost similar. They both are made from flour and egg. The only difference between them is their sizes. Of course, spring roll wrapper is way bigger than wonton wrapper. The spring roll wrapper has 12 inches of its diameter, while the wonton wrapper has only 3.5 inches. Please click here and here for more information.

Sometimes, when I run out of spring roll wrapper, I substitute with wonton wrapper. The result is the same, only the size is different. Please remember that the amount of fillings in the Tiny Bitey spring roll is way fewer than ordinary spring roll.

Let's make the tiny bitey spring roll.



1 egg

Ground Beef

5 Baby Carrots, minced

1 clove garlic, minced

Bean Sprout

Green onion

Wonton Wrapper

Corn oil



White paper

Sesame oil

Note: the ingredients depend on how many spring rolls you want to make.

Step 1: Fillings

In large wok, put oil in medium heat.

Add garlic and stir it until it becomes fragrant.

Add ground beef. Stir until the beef are cooked through.

Add baby carrots, bean sprout, and green onion into the wok. Stir until all are cooked through for about 1-2 minutes.

Add egg and scramble into the fillings.

Add salt, white pepper, and sugar. Stir them.

Lastly, pour sesame oil.

Remove from the heat. Set aside.

In my photo, I made two versions of the fillings. One with the vegetables and the other without vegetables or beef only.

(PS: My youngest son does not like vegetables and he is picky eater.)

Step 2: Folding the Wrapper

Take 1 sheet of wonton wrapper.

Put a little of filling into the center.

Fold the bottom part of the wrapper to the center to cover the fillings.

Fold the side parts of the wrapper with the help of water.

Roll and seal it with a little bit of water.

For conclusion, fold the spring roll is like folding envelope.

Do the rest until all the fillings finish.

Set aside.

(see pictures and video)

Step 3: Fry the Spring Roll

In large wok, heat the oil with medium heat.

After the oil is hot, put spring roll one by one.

Please remember, do not overcrowd the wok.

After golden brown, flip the spring roll.

Fry it until all the surface golden brown.

Remove from the heat and tiny bitey spring rolls are ready to be served.


Step 4: Result

Here is the result of Tiny Bitey 2 inches Spring Roll. It is very cute, isn't it?

You can eat it in one bite.

In a matter of time, the tiny spring roll gets into your mouth.

I hope you like it and enjoy.

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