Introduction: Tiny City With Moving Car

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This is a fun craft that you can make with your kids, they will learn about magnetism and will have a fun new toy.

It's easy to make, with materials that you already have.

The expression of my daughter when she first saw the little car moving was priceless. And I was surprised that even my little daughter (her 2nd birthday is in a couple of months) loves to play with it!

So let's get started!

Step 1: ​ Gather Your Materials


Glue gun


A small box

Glue stick


A popsicle stick (or skinny stick)

Markers or crayons



Step 2: Cut

Use the lid of your box to trace two circles. Before cutting them, one of the circles should have a 1cm border to make some tabs.

Make the tabs by cutting snips all over the edge.

Step 3: Draw

On the small circle make a drawing, it will go on the lid of the box.

On the other circle, draw some roads and lots for the houses.

On a different piece of cardstock draw houses and trees. And make a car as shown in the picture.

Before cutting them remember to leave a tab under each building or tree.

Fold the tabs.

Step 4: Make the Car

For the car, use the pliers to bend a piece of wire the way shown in the picture.

Glue the car on top.

Step 5: Make the Magic Wand

Glue the magnet to the stick.

Put the stick inside the box, you might have to cut a hole on one side of the box. Mine already had that hole.

Make a thick ring of glue around the stick. Make sure it doesn't stick to the box. This ring will help the stick and magnet stay always inside the box, so that the kids can't pull out the "magic wand".

Step 6: ​Enjoy!

To play, just move the magic wand to make the little car move around the city. To store it fold the buildings and cover with the lid until next time.

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