Introduction: Tiny Cross Stiched Heart Gift Card/valentine Card for Your Lover

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In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to make a tiny gift/valentine card at home featuring a cross stitched heart.


To make this card you will need the following items,

  • Cross stitch yarn
  • Piece of Aida fabric
  • Cross stitch needle
  • Pair of scissors
  • Colored A4 sheet
  • Piece of shining card board which is used to make greeting cards
  • Bottle of glue

Step 1: Sew the Heart Design Using Cross-stitches

As the stpe 1, we are going to sew the heart design using cross-stitch pattern. Take the piece of Aida fabric and count the small squares in the fabric that will cover the heart design. Then select a bright color yarn that would suit for a heart design, I have selected dark pink.

Next, sew the heart design in the cross-stitched pattern on the Aida fabric. Once we are done with the sewing, cut the fabric along a square shaped outline of the heart design.

Step 2: Get the Cardboard Material and Paper Decorations Ready

As the step 2, we are going to make the card which is very easy. Take the piece of shining cardstock paper and cut it in a rectangular shape. And fold it once from the center line if you want to have a folding card. Else you can make a single surface card too. Take the colored A4 sheet at cut thin stripes which you can use to decorate the background of the card surface.

Step 3: Assemble All the Items

As the step 3, we are going to paste the sewed heart in the center of the card surface using glue. Take the colored paper stripes and paste them in the surface background according to a pattern at your choice.

This is a very easy and quick way to make a tiny & nice gift/valentine card and make your lover smile.

Thank you for watching.

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