Introduction: Tiny Cute Santa Toy! (part 1)

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In this instructable i will be making a cute little santa toy! So lets get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Needs!

For this project you would need:

  • Clay (basically Red , Black and white Clay)
  • Cotton
  • Cutting tools (blunt knife)
  • Cutting mat
  • Patience , time and imagination!

So lets get started!

Step 2: Making the Face

I will be making the face first

So for that , take your white clay and roll it like a ball !

mount this ball over a toothpick for better we would add ears! flaten small balls of white clay and elongate them to make ears and add the to the head! then this should look in the picture above!

now we would add eyes and eyebrows, take some black clay and make small balls of it and add them to it! make small strips of black clay and add them as eyebrows!

your santa should look like this.

Now lets head toward making his hat!

Step 3: Making the Hat!

Now take your red clay and roll it like a circle!

now from the center cut it till one end, like in the photo above.

now pick up one end and fold it over another to make a cone like add a ball of white clay on top.

now make a small strip of white clay and add it to the bottom of the hat, it should look like this!

now lets move ahead on making the beard of santa :)

Step 4: Making the Beard

Now take some cotton and make a beard like shape, and add some cotton for the moustache as well

now lets end the project by assembling everything together! ;)

Step 5: Gather Everything Together!

Now lets assemble the hat and end this project, your santa should look like this!

i also added a few paper cups in the bottom to make it stable, I hope you like this project! Cheers!


Step 6: End Result!

it looks better anyway!



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