Introduction: Tiny Electric Whipper (& Korean Coffee in 5 Seconds!!!)

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Tiny Electric Whipper/Mixer (& How to Make Korean Coffee with it)

I don't have an electric whipper in my kitchen, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one here either!

So I figured, why not make one? I made a tiny version for small duties. It's awesome for beginning bakers or in make case, coffee lovers (I use it to make Korean coffee).

There are two things you'll eventually want:

1) The whip itself

2) Some electric device to make it rotate

First I'll show you how to make a wire whip (a whisk). This is then assembled onto an electric device that rotates it. I figured most people here would have some kind of an electric drill or screwdriver, so I've attached my whip to one of those.

You could also connect it to a small electric motor. I made a version using an old haircut machine (it's got all you need: a motor, a switch, and it's usually rechargeable). Basically, anything that rotates would work!


For the wire whip you'll need:

1) A thin wire (about 0.5 - 1mm thick). If you have some stainless steel that's best.

2) A small metal nut (about 8-10mm). If you have a nut-driver bit of this size, it could come handy

3) A strong glue. I used a hot-glue gun which is one of my favorite tools.

Step 1: Assemble the Whip

Cut 3-4 pieces of wire of the same length. Each piece should be 10-15cm long (about 4-6 inches)

Insert both edges of a piece of wire into the nut and bend them outwards (see images).

Do this for all 3-4 wires (I made a version with 3 and another with 4 wires and they work about the same).

Step 2: Finalize Your Whip

Rotate the each wire slightly different than the rest such that they form an evenly-spaced structure (see image). This is a bit tricky but after a couple of minutes you'll get there.

Once you've accomplished a nice and even structure, apply some glue to both sides of the nut. This will hold the wires in place. Let it dry.

Finally, cut the excess wire.

To connect it to an electric screwdriver I just held the nut with a nut-driver bit, which is easily connected to my electric screwdriver. A drill could work just as good.

* If the nut is not held well by your nut-driver bit (it jiggles in it), it means that the nut is either too thin (too small for the bit) or too short (doesn't get deep enough into your bit). To fix the first problem, try a smaller bit or a larger nut. To fix the second problem, you could glue another nut to the existing one, which would make it twice as long (I did this in my final design).

Step 3: Use It! (Make Korean Coffee in Seconds!!)

Your tiny electric whipper is ready! You can scrambles eggs with it, make whipped cream or anything you like.

Once you're done using it, you can disconnect it from the nut-driver bit and wash it :)

I made it because I really wanted to taste what Korean coffee tastes like, and now it's really easy to make!

How To Make Korean Coffee

Put 2 small spoons of instant coffee, 2 small spoons of sugar (I used brown sugar) and 2 small spoons of hot water in a tall glass. Mix slightly.

Whip the mixture with your brand new electric whipper! Soon it should turn into a shiny, thick and fluffy cream.

Take a glass with milk and ice. Using a small spoon, add the beautiful cream you just made to the glass of cold milk.

* Note that the volume of cream you'll get differs between one type of instant coffee and another. Also, I tried to make this without sugar and it works too (even though some people claim that it doesn't!)

See you soon!