Tiny Emergency Lamp

Introduction: Tiny Emergency Lamp

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I got some tiny electronics stuffs today. I made a simple rechargeable lamp with some of them. it was fun and joyful to make that of a kind, a tiny and beautiful lamp <3. I am sharing my little DIY here.

Step 1: Collect the Stuffs

This is a simple DIY and a few small things are needed to make this out.

1. A tiny plastic capsule container bottle.

2. A small piece of copper clad board (single sided).

3. On/off switch.

4 . Micro USB female.

5. White smd LED 5630.

6. Red smd LED.

7. 100 Ohms smd resistor.

8. M7 smd diode.

9. 3.7 V , 150 mA Li-po battery.

Step 2: The Circuit .......!

  • The LED is connected to the battery without any current limiter to get maximum intensity.
  • The diode blocks the back flow of voltage from battery to the charger.
  • The red LED (with a 100 ohm current limiter) is the charging indicator.

Step 3: Make the Board

  • Cut a small piece of copper clad board according to the size of the bottle/container.
  • Draw the layout diagram according to the circuit diagram using a permanent marker pen.
  • Do the etching using ferric chloride solution.
  • Clean the etched pcb and solder the components neatly and carefully.

Step 4: Set Up the Enclosure

For the enclosure of the lamp, two holes are needed. One for the on/off switch and the other for the charger port.

We have to cut the bottle for on/off switch port.

And on the blue color top, we have to cut a small rectangular port for the charger.

Step 5: We Made It.....!

aaand we made the very special tiny portable lamp.

We can use a 5v smart phone charger (any) to recharge this.

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    5 years ago

    Charging a 3.7v Li-ion battery with 5v can and likely will cause it to explode. Please don't be so careless, or at least inform others of the danger.


    5 years ago

    its quite nifty. I made one running on my powerbank.
    I have quite a few powerbanks that i collect for various projects. Recentl, my blackberry finally broke down for good. I took out the flash LED and tested the min and max power it can take.
    Hacked my powerbank, added a resistor and got the LED to work on 3.5v. Its super bright and can still trickle charge my phone when i need to. Its pretty handy when i need light inside a washing machine repair.


    5 years ago

    Without a proper overcharge protection circuit, this circuit is a potential fire hazard if nonprotected cells are used.