Introduction: Tiny Koi Fish Pond

Tiny landscape decoration.


Gray air dry clay, white air dry clay, mod podge or any other glue or sealer, green paper, clear glue, black paint, orange paint, paint brushes, and scissors.

Step 1: Making the Pebbles

Take the gray clay and roll in to many small pebbles and one flat circle.

Step 2: Making the Pond

Place the pebbles around the edge of the circle and stack them up but make one side taller than the other. Then after it drys cover the pond in three layers of mod podge.

Step 3: Making the Parts of the Fish.

Roll a small ball of white clay into two very small balls of clay and four sticks. Roll the end of the clay balls to make a cone shape and fold two of the sticks to make V shapes.

Step 4: Putting the Fish Together

To make the body of the fish place the V shape on the end of the cone body and place the stick under the middle of the cone body. Once the clay has dried you can paint the head of the fish orange or you can paint very small orange and black spots on the body of the fish.

Step 5: The Plants

Cut a small piece of the green paper in thin strips and glue the ends together for it to look like grass and you can also cut the paper into small lily pads.

Step 6: Making the Water Fall.

Let a small piece of clear glue dry then put a small bit of glue on it and roll it to make it look more textured.

Step 7: Putting the Pond Together

Place the fish inside the pond and place the grass around the edge of the inside of the pond. Then fill the pond with clear glue. When it is dry glue the water fall from the tall part of the wall to the center of the pond and glue the lily pads on the pond where they do not cover the fish.

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