Introduction: Tips on Voice Acting for Beginners

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Ever wanted to be the guy? The guy people look at and go, "Eh, it's just some random guy." But when they hear you, they think, "Gee whiz! He can do silly things with his voice!" Well with my guide you just might be able to! Just follow my basic tips on becoming a beginner voice actor! 

I can't guaranty that this will work for everyone, but these are the tips that I followed for myself. Everyone learns differently, so if this doesn't work, this simply isn't the guide for you. But regardless, please enjoy. 

Step 1: Find Insperation

The first step is probably the easiest. Find someone to look up to. First, you need to know your own voice. Record yourself and think about how you sound. How can you manipulate that? The best way to do so is voice mimicry. For starters, find your media. Anything from anime to cartoons to just basic celebrity impressions. I myself usually impersonate anime, as I find it easier myself. Some of the characters I started with were Tristan Taylor, Joey Wheeler, Duke Devlin and Seto Kaiba, all from Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Since almost every character in that series is voiced by the same man (as seen at the beginning of this instructable), I thought it would give me more range to do different voices without doing to much to strain myself. In the next step, we will discuss methods of altering your voice, without any technology! 

Step 2: Change Your Voice

This is it. The step that can make or break your career. The best way to control your voice. Stand (or sit) up straight, take some deep breaths, take a sip of water, and think like the voice. I find the best way to do a voice is to think about the voice as you speak it. Practise on making your voice higher, lower, or sound how you want it to sound. Nothing but practise will get you to where you want. Exercising you breathing, controlling volume and emotion and learning to maintain that voice. No worries, you won't lose control of your real speaking voice if you voice act to much. As a beginner myself, there is only so much I can say, so listen to the professionals. Below are links from two of my favourite voice actors, married couple Tara Platt (famous for Temari (Naruto)) and Yuri Lowenthal (famous for Sasuke (Naruto), Alucard (Castlevania) and several Shin Megami Tensei characters). These are the best guides you can find for voice acting exercises and how to's of the business.

Step 3: I Wish You Luck in Your Quest

Although I may not have been as much as help as some, I do hope you take what little I have said and the links I provided and use them to your advantage. Just remember, voice acting is an art, it's not something you can master immediately. You need to put your mind, body and effort full into this, if you wish to succeed. It requires time. And with that, I must go. I wish you good luck.