Introduction: Tips on a Classic Glam Look

All you need for this look is 2 shades of brown, a black, shimmery blue, and makeup brushes!!

Step 1: Conceal!!

Put a bit of foundation/concerler on your eyelid, either your shade or lighter

Step 2: Add Your Browns!!

start with a light brown and put it in your crease till just below your eyebrow! add a darker brown on your lid to your crease. Be sure to blend it together!!

Step 3: Cut That Crease!!

Use that same concealer from the first step, put it from the corner of your eye to just above your crease till about the middle of your eye. blend a bit of that darker brown on the end of the concealer to blend it out!

Step 4: Shimmer

take a very light pink or a very light gold and pat it down on the concealed part of your eyelid!

Step 5: The Little Details (;

Add a bright color! My choice was blue, use a brush or your pinky and just put it on the corner of your eye!! Take a pigmented black and an angled brush and give yourself a little wing (:

Step 6: Lashes!!!

Final step!!! Add lashes and mascara and you are set!

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