Introduction: To-Do List Randomizer

Now that I'm in quarantine and don't have a proper schedule, I've found it hard to be productive. Although I wanted to use this time to get things done, I can't focus on any specific task. Then I realized I could fix the problem with a mailbox. This to-do list randomizer makes life a lot more efficient, and adds some excitement to work.


Black cardboard

White cardboard

Red paper


Skewer or thin rod

Black marker

Hot glue

Step 1: Inside the Body

First, cut the four cardboard pieces shown above (the fourth one you can customize later to fit flush). Then, take the 12x20 piece and cut out a 5x5 square in the bottom-right corner. Plug in your hot-glue gun, and glue the pieces to create a slope leading into that hole.

Note: All measurements are in centimeters (cm). Also, the small triangles I glued to the base just ensure a right angle.

Step 2: The Cover

Next, take the largest piece (38x20) and bend it into an arch. USE THE GRAIN direction of the cardboard to your advantage! Attach this to your base.

Step 3: The Door

Use the curved piece from the body to make a slightly larger copy. Glue the long strip along the inside to create a "lid" for the mailbox.

Step 4: The Flag

I made the flag with two layers of cardboard to increase the strength. Before you glue them together, make sure to add the string on the rounded side. Then, cut a small hole in the flag and in the mailbox and add the skewer. The further the skewer is from the string, the more the trapdoor will open.

Step 5: Trapdoor Mechanism

This is a relatively simple step, and only requires some black duct tape. First, tape the 5x5 square to the bottom of the mailbox, then tape the string to the cardboard flap. Make sure that the string is tensioned when the flag is in a horizontal position.

Step 6: Decoration

For this step, I just used a paintbrush and some grey paint to write on the front of the mailbox. This is also a good time to use your black marker and cover any brown areas.

Step 7: The Stand

I recommend using the grain to fold the rectangle into a triangular prism. Then just glue the bottom to the base, and the top to the mailbox.

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Step 8: You're Done!

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