Introduction: Chicken From a DC Motor

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This is a motor dressed up as a chicken. You can make almost any type of bird like this. The bird will have a head that spins around in a circle. I know that this may not be that useful, but it could be a cool gift or something like that. You can also look at the pics for a better understanding of what to do. Please vote for me in the Battery Powered Contest if you like this.


Electronic Parts:
-DC Motor
-Battery holder

Other parts:
-Tip of a skewer
-Red fabric
-One toothpick

-Hot glue gun and sticks
-Soldering iron

Step 1: Legs

Take two small pieces of paper (about a .75 inch by 2 inch) and roll them into tight cylinders that are at a height of .75 inch. Wrap the legs up as far as they can go and then glue the paper down. Now glue them to the bottom of the motor like the pics above show (the pic of the legs came from a turkey motor I made).

Step 2: Head

Take the motor and start putting hot glue on the shaft part and form a circle. It would look best without touching it with your fingers to get the final shape, or you could put gloves on so the prints don’t get all over the head.

Step 3: Head Part 2

Cut a small cone from something (I used a small tip of a skewer) and paint it orange. Glue the skewer to the center of the face. Then cut a small piece of fabric out to look like a comb (the spike thing on the top of a chicken) and glue that to the head. Cut another piece of fabric out to look like the waffle (the gobble thing beneath the beak) and glue it beneath the nose. When that is done you can start painting the head white. Then put two dots of black paint on the face for eyes. Now the head is done.

Step 4: Wings

Cut some wing shapes out of paper and paint them white (you could also use white paper). Glue the wings onto the sides of the motor and move onto the next step.

Step 5: Stand for Bird

This is just a toothpick stand on the rear of the bird so it can stand up without falling backwards. Cut a third off of the toothpick. Make a T shape from the toothpick and glue it like that. Then glue the long part of the T to the rear end of the bird.

Step 6: Paint Body

Get some white paint out and start painting the body. Do not paint the vents over as the vents cool the motor down. You should probably not paint the shaft or a small area around the shaft.

Step 7: Wiring

You will need; batteries, battery holder, wires, rheostat, the chicken motor, and the soldering iron. Plug the battery holder into the rheostat like the pics say. Now plug the wires into the other slots on the rheostat. Solder the wires the the motor and then plug the batteries into the holder.

Step 8: Done

You are done. Now you can use the technique to make another bird. If you don’t want to make another, it is fine with me. I made a turkey and this chicken. I also made a smaller turkey out of a smaller motor.

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