Introduction: Sugru - Toolbox Comfort Grip

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Whether you are a big, tough construction worker or a little princess, you can appreciate keeping your delicate little hands callus-free.

While I no longer work on a job site, I still use these toolboxes to pack my electronics and other Make related stuff around, and don't feel like putting on a pair of gloves every time I pick it up.

I find that the handles offer no comfort and I wanted to try out a bit of Sugru to see how it could work as a comfort grip.

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Step 1: Load the Toolbox

Load your toolbox with enough weight so it will provide enough downward force on your hand to form the Sugru grip.
What a mess my toolbox is!

Step 2: Prep the Toolbox

Clean the handle so it is free of any dirt or dust, then break out the Sugru!

Step 3: Apply the Sugru to the Handle

Apply the Sugru to the handle spreading it out to where your hands touch the the surface, then press it on so it stays in place.

Step 4: Form the Handle

Pick the toolbox up by the handle with the toolbox facing the way you usually carry it, in the hand you usually carry it in, allowing all of the weight of the toolbox to hang in your hand. This will allow the Sugru to form around your fingers, hand-pressing the Sugru firmly in place.

Step 5: Tidy the Handle

I used both my finger tips and a small tool that I received with the Tinkerine Ditto+ 3D printer to tidy up the edges of the Sugru. I tapered the edges of the Sugru and cleaned up any uneven edges to make it look good and to prevent any peeling.

Step 6: Let the Sugru Cure

Prop the handle up and let the Sugru cure. I leave my Sugru to cure for 24 hours.

Step 7: Voila!

You now have a comfortable handle on your heavy toolbox!

I must say that I did not expect such good results. After so many years working in construction packing these things around, and now that I am using big toolboxs to store my electronics in, a Sugru handle really does make a huge difference!

I really recommend adding Sugru to a toolbox handle if you are going to be packing it around; the pinching feeling is gone!
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