Introduction: Top 10 Life Hacks

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here are 10 life hacks to make a your life simpler.

Step 1: Remove Permanent Marker Ink From Every Materials

if you guys need to remove a permanent ink mark from somewhere then follow my steps

from clothes: use hand sanitizer toothpaste

from wall: use toothpaste or hairspray

from wood: rub alcohol

from carpet: apply white vinegar

from furnitures: clean with milk

Step 2: Prevent Water Dropping Noise

all you need is a thread/ wire/ thin batton

make a loop and tie it around the tap. the other end of the wire (in my case), let it go down a holeof the basin.


Step 3: Watching Films While Lying Down

if you're watching a film on your pc and you're tired of sitting straight in front of the pc, then this tip is for you.

open vlc media player

Open your video by clicking on the "Media" menu, and then on "Open File". ...On the menu bar at the top of the screen, choose "Tools", and then "Effects and Filters" from the drop-down menu.Select "Rotate" in video options, here you can choose the degree that you want to rotate.

Step 4: Clean the Dust Between Key Button

you guys have lots of difficulties cleaning in between the key buttons. here's a really simple solution of how to clean it.

the third picture is the result of the cleaning. (even though i cleaned the mouse).

Step 5: How to Make Your Dustbin Dry and Not Too Wet

At the bottom of the dustbin put an old newspaper and there, your problem is solved.

the newspaper will soak all the juice from the thrown vegetables and other things.

Step 6: Shirt Wrinkled?

shirt wrinkled? no worries!

throw it in the dryer with a few ice cubes or a damp hand towel for 5 to 10 min and the wrinkles are gone!


Step 7: Charge Your Phone Faster

we human being's closest friend is our smartphone. you guys are wondering how to charge it quickly.

just switch on airplane mode and your work is done!!

Step 8: Music Lover?

listen to lot of music? here's a quick way of knowing which earphone is for which ear?

Step 9: Privacy

if you have personal things in your phone and don't want anyone else to open it check what it is, then use an accented letter as your passcode. no one will ever be able to guess it.

Step 10: Movie Stand

you want to watch films without holding your phone for too long? here's the best solution.

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