Introduction: Topsy Turvy Cup-saucer Hat

Hello All,

I have made this Topsy-Turvy Cup-saucer Hat using the newspapers. I used a huge bowl and a plate as a mold. Glue played the main role in this entire process. Attractive water colours were used to make the shape look beautiful.

Step 1: Step 1: Molded the Newspaper by Applying Glue, Using a Large Bowl and a Large Plate.

Molded the newspapers by applying glue, using a large bowl for the cup and a large plate for the saucer. For making the handle rolled the paper and attached it to the cup.

Step 2: Step 2: Attached the Molded Bowl and Plate Shape With the Help of Glue. Coloured the Cup and Saucer.

Attached the molded bowl and plate shape with the help of glue. Coloured the cup and saucer with the help of water paints after it dried and became hard, to make it look attractive and beautiful. The Topsy-turvy Cup-saucer Hat is ready!

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