Introduction: Tote From Old Jeans

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This is a fun Instructables taken some old jeans make it into a purse or tote
I bought my old jeans and built from thrift store and they have special day were everything's $.25 so that's really fun

Step 1: Step One

Start with some old jeans
You can use adult sizes if you are making a computer bag or re-usable grocery bag.
You can also use children size jeans to make purse size bags shoulder bags messenger bags. It's very easy

Step 2: Cut

Now you cut straight across the pants above the crotch area and just cut it straight

You can use a rotary cutter or you can use scissors make sure whatever you use that is strong enough to cut the denim

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Next to finish the bag so up the cut area across the bottom just so it's straight across then you can add maybe old belt for the handles and cut out some appliqués or buy appliqués to put on

In my example I cut out some red denim and applied it with fabric glue and I'm also going to and the handles are from an old belt.

Step 4: Optional

To make a closure at the top you can either buy the larger snaps and so that in the top of the waist so you can snap closure shut.

or you can use like I did a piece of denim and what I'm doing is sewing a piece of this onto the back of the jeans cut a hole to fit in the button so that we can have a closure