Introduction: Totodile Plushie

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My own pattern and guide for making a "Totodile" Pokemon plush.

The pattern can be printed straight out and cut out as i have sized it so it fits :) 

Enjoy :3

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this design i used:

~ 2 metres of blue polar fleece, folded in half (i did NOT use all of this, heaps left over
~ Half a metre of red and yellow polar fleece
~ Black and White felt for face and claws and teeth (terrible grammar :s)
~ Black and white embroidery thread
~ Polyester or woolen stuffing

You'll need a sewing machine, and an embroidery hoop!!! 
To achieve the neat edges and to ensure the design lasts longer use a sewing machine!!
Embroidery hoop ensures the eyes do not crumple and droop, and gives the neatest result.

Step 2: Pattern Pieces

Here are the patterns. I've edited them on Word so they should be the correct size :) If they don't totally match up no worries, it won't matter.

I made this design a few months ago, so i know i made some changes to the sizing of the fabric once i cut it out, having that in mind if you notice somthing that could be changed do it, it is not crucial to stick to the exact sizing, if you want to make a piece bigger or smaller do so :)

(I have not included the feet or eyes in the pattern, i will explain this later.)

Step 3: Pin Pieces on Fabric and Cut Out

For the base head, tail, arms, back, top belly, leg, base leg, top head and belly bottom pin onto blue fabric. If the piece says "cut 2" fold fabric in half and cut out, so two identical pieces are formed. 

For Middle belly pin onto yellow fabric and cut.

All pieces should be cut out, except eyes, feet, claws and back spikes.

Step 4: Head Construction

To start the head construction take the "top head" piece and pin the "eye side" pieces to the back of the fabric.
Then take the "side head" pieces and match them up on either side, so the eyes are formed.

Step 5: Head Construction

Sew the "eye side" on the "top head".
Now, sew along where the "side head" attaches to the "eye side" and "top head".
You should now have a head, which is completely open at the bottom.

Step 6: Eye Construction

Taking the head, place it on the side, so only the "side head" is showing.
Take a Black marker and draw on your desired eye.

Step 7: Eye Construction

Step 1: Trace the eye shape from the head to the black and white felt (to allow for sewing make the eyes slightly bigger).
Step 2: Cut out the pieces, you should have 3 pieces per eye. (See image)S
Step 3: Sew the two black sides onto the main white oval (see image)
Step 4: Turn the eye over so the right side is showing
Step 5: Take a large piece of fabric and attach it to the embroidery hoop. Pull so the fabric is very firm and stretched.
Step 6: Pin the sew eye on the fabric and pull it so it is very tight and firm. (see image)
Step 7: Draw the pupil onto the white felt in pencil (see image)
Step 8: Take your black embroidery thread and sew in close long stitches up and down in the inside of the outter draw eye. Then take the white embroidery thread and stitch in the inside of the black thread and fill all the gaps. ( See image)/

Step 8: Attach Eyes and Mouth

Take the finished eye (cut it out of the hoop) and using hand stitching, make small secure stitches to attack the eye to the hand. Place it where the original was draw, but on the right side of the fabric (so it is facing how it would as if it was finished).

Flatten out the head as much as possible and stitch on the mouth where desired using embridery thread. Cut out two teeth with the felt and attach if desired.  I used long back and forth stitches for the mouth.

Step 9: Back Spikes

Now take the two "back" pieces and pin them togther. Take the red fabric and fold it in half. Place the pinned together back onto the red fabric and draw on the size and amount of desired spikes, including one for the tip of the tale.

Step 10: Tail Construction

Cut out the tail and sew along the jagged lines, leaving the straight strip open.
Attached the pinned on tail to the back (see where i pinned it in my previous step).
Now pin the two back pieces together, facing with the wrong sides facing out.
Leave a space and pin the back spikes inside the back, with the spikes facing the right way.
Sew along the back until you reach the top, then stop.
If you now turn it inside out, the spikes and back will be facing the right way.

Step 11: Attaching Body to Head

Pin the back of the head around to the sides of the top of the back with the wrong sides facing outwards as shown in the image.
Sew along the pinned lines.

Step 12: Finishing Head

Now, take the base head piece and pin it from the top of the head, down to the top of the sides of the back. The larger end will connect to the back and shorter end to top of head. sew along the pinner lines, like previous step.
Once turned inside out it will make a complete head like puppet.

Step 13: Creating Belly

NOTE: the following steps have no images as i forgot to take photos :\ ill try and explain as best as possible, im so sorry!

Take the "top" "middle" and "bottom" belly pieces and pin a and sew together, having the pointed bits facing down, and ensuring when connecting the fabric is placed together in a way that when all three are sewn it is smoth when turned over and all stitiching lines are on the same side. 

Step 14: Arm and Leg Construction

Take two of the arm pieces and pin together.
Cut 6 small claw like shapes and pin them to the arm, so they are facing inwards, inside the arm pieces (as you did with the back spikes when attaching them). 
Sew around the arms, leaving a small hole to turn them inside out.

Take two leg pieces and alighn so they match up, leaving the base off. 
Sew so they are together, but the base is off. 
NOTE: for the feet i had so much trouble i made my own little feet, but these were with trial and error, so i have no pattern, and explaining is virtually impossible. Feel free to make your own feet, if not attach the base using a hand stitch or machine stitch then turn inside out, as done above with the arm, stuff the leg where you left the small whole and finish them off with a hand stitch so there are no holes.

Step 15: Arm and Leg Attachment

ARM: cut a hole where you would like the arm to be attached. 
Put the open end of the arm through the hole, and stitch around the hole, matching the outlines of the cut, so when attached it will be like a finger puppet.  (Make sure when the arm is attached it is facing the right way).

LEG: DO THIS STEP AT THE END. Match where you would like the legs to go and sew on the inside of the leg onto the body, hiding the stitching lines but still securing the leg.

Step 16: Finishing Construction

Ensuring the design is facing the wrong way, match up the top of the belly to the base of the head and pin so the belly completes the design, and only a whole at the bottom is left.
Stitch the whole way around so the pattern only has a hole at the bottom.

Step 17: Bottom of Design

Using the remainder of the blue fabric, measure the amount of fabric you will need to completely fill in the base.
Cut out this fabric and sew all the way around, ensure the design is still facing the wrong way. Leave a whole at the bottom of the belly and turn intire design inside out, so it is facing the right way.
Stuff the whole design, ensuring the arms are stuffed. Once the desired amount is inside sew up the small hole using handstitch.
Attach legs and you are complete :)

Thanks so much for viewing, if you have ANY question i will gladly help <3 send me photos of finished products xxoo