Introduction: Totoro Whirligig

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I made a Totoro Whirligig using basic tools!
Check the video by clicking HERE if the window doesn't work (video opens in a new tab).

Step 1: Draw and Cut & Paint Your Totoro Characters

You can Google search the characters or scene you wish to apply to your whirligig.
We choose the scene with the bus station and modified it a little bit :)

Step 2: Cut the Box Pieces

Cut the pieces forming the box for the mechanics (bent wire) to go into, it will depend on the dimensions of your characters.

Step 3: Cut the Hub

Using jigsaw cut the hub to receive propellers.
When cutting always go from clockwise or counterclockwise (never combine two directions)

Step 4: Cut and Insert the Propellers

Use thin plywood to cut propellers.
Probably some flat PVC (or material from plastic bottles) would be better option as it is waterproof.

Glue the propellers into the hub using some CA glue (superglue).

Drill the center hole through the hub to accept your rod (mine was 1/8'' steel rod)

Step 5: Assemble the Box

Use only screws, no glue!

Step 6: Bend the Wire

Bend the wire using pliers, hammer, clamps....or better with the vise (I don't own one).

Step 7: Finishing Steps!

Open each photo and look the info box by hovering the mouse over it!

Step 8: Put on Finish and Enjoy!

Finish it and enjoy it on windy days, it will, for sure, put lots of smiles on people's and children's faces!

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