Introduction: Toy Serpent Monster

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This instructable will show you how to make a mythical monster to terrify your wargaming minis.  I built this monster out of objects that were lying around my workbench and in the Halloween decorations box.  It took me about an hour to build and an hour to paint, but it was worth it.
To add the tentacles, I used hot glue and put them on the back of the monster.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:
2 pumpkin flashlights (probably could be replaced with a plastic ball or if you can only find one, it will work but you will need to use the side with the face)
A disposable ballpoint pen
A toy spider
A toy frog
A wire coat hanger
Clay or tentacles from a toy (optional)
A flat piece of rubber (optional)

Riveting tool (optional)
Hot glue gun
Pencil torch or lighter
Hacksaw (any saw that can cut plastic will do)
Drill and assorted drill bits 
Tin snips
Model paint

Step 2: Body

Take the pumpkin head and unscrew it from the rest of the flashlight.  Then, using the hacksaw, cut of the hat.  Then, use the hacksaw to cut the pumpkin in half.  Repeat these steps with the other pumpkin.
Take the two halves and glue them together along the wider side.  This will form the body.  
Then, take the toy frog and cut off the legs.  The toy was surprisingly strong, and I ended up using tin snips.  Attach the legs to the body with hot glue.
Optional- Get the tentacles that you got from a toy (or roll them out of clay) and Glue or rivet them onto the back of your monster.

Step 3: Head and Neck

To make the head, first cut off the back two pairs of legs with tinsnips.  Then, bend the spider to a 45 degree angle.  Put a large, circular, glob of hot glue at the back of the head section, this will be the eye.
To make the neck, take apart the pen until you are left with a plastic tube.  Using the pliers, cut a piece of wire from the coat hanger about as long as your pen's body tube. Next, insert the wire into the pen and bend the pen to your liking, this will be the neck.  
Hot glue the neck to the head and then attach it to the body where the pumpkin once screwed on to the battery case.  I used a rivet to attach it but hot glue should work fine.

Step 4: Arms

To make the arms, bend the extra wire from the coat hanger.  This is just a matter of personal preference, but you can look at mine in the picture.  To attach, I drilled two holes on the sides of the monster.  This won't make a tight fit, so you will have to hot glue it in place.
 Optional - To  make the bulge, take your pencil torch and melt a small hole.  Then take a small piece of rubber (I got mine from a dinosaur finger puppet).  Then hot glue it to the hole that you melted. 

Step 5: Painting

Now you're done.  It probably doesn't look great, but it will after you paint your monster.  I'm no expert painter, and I still managed to make it look ok.  You can put it on a baseplate if you want, but I couldn't find one that fit right.  Thanks for viewing my instructable!

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