Introduction: Toy Swords for Kids and Adults!

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I wanted to make these for my kids that are always using sticks to 'sword fight'. These will be a lot safer, be able to use them inside, and hopefully the dog does not decide to use them as a chew toy! These can be fun for adults too!


This instructible requires using sharp and hot tools! Please be safe. Also these are toys, and are made to be safe, but no promise is made as to how safe they actually are! Please be careful! The ultimate safety is up to you!

For this instructable you will need a few things. First being some sewing skills. There is lots of good instructables on sewing, so I won't repeat them here. You can skip the fabric step, but I think it will make the end product much more durable and it just looks better.

Step 1: Get Together Your Materials!

You will need (per sword):


2 feet of 3/4 PEX pipe

18 inches of foam pipe insulation for a 3/4 inch pipe

2 foot long by 7 inch wide piece of fabric (should be durable, I used light canvas)

4 inch by 7 inch piece of leather for handle (I used some pieces from a sample book, sometimes you can get those for free)

Smoothed rock or other item to use as a pommel

Strip of Cotton webbing or other ribbon/rope to cover the seams between parts


Glue Gun

Razor knife or exacto-knife

PEX cutter (although you can use a razor blade, please be careful!)

Sewing Machine (you can hand stitch, but a machine gives better results)

good scissors

60 grit sandpaper

Step 2: Make the Sleeve and Install It on the Body.

Make the sleeve!

This is a bit of a process. Like I said, check out a good sewing instructable. You basically sew a nice tube to cover the outside of your foam.

Put the pipe, insulation, and cover together!

Slide the pipe into the foam, and slide the sleeve down over the foam. This is best done by having the sleeve inside out, and 'rolling' it down over the foam like you would put on a sock.

Pull the pipe out a little bit from the tip, about 3 inches. This will leave the end softer and floppy, so nobody gets poked!

Sand the PEX! Use the 60 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the exposed pex pipe all the way to the foam.


Hot glue time! Hot glue the fabric to the pipe. Make sure to hold it so that glue dries (use a glove). Let it cool before proceeding to the next step!

Step 3: Wrap the Handle!


Hot glue one edge of your leather, not sute tight to the edge, but close. You will trim off the excess later. Make sure this is just the edge, Let this cool, so that you can have a good surface adhesion to pull the rest of the handle tight.

Once cool, work your way around the handle with more hot glue, being sure to add plenty of hot glue, and pull it tight. Do not glue the leather all the way around. It needs to be trimmed.

Finishing the seam!

For this part, Lay the leather over the place where you started. Cut a straight line, making sure you cut through both layers of leather at the same time. This will give a perfect match for the seam. Please be careful and take your time, it's easy to slip. Sometimes having someone trustworthy hold the sword with you will help keep it secure. Remember, always cut away from fingers and bodies!!!

Dry-fit the seam. it may need to be trimmed back a little bit, but it if was tight when you made the cut, it should fit nicely.

Put plenty of hot glue on the remaining exposed PEX pipe. Place the seams against each other, and then squeeze down the hot glue. Make adjustments quickly, as the hot glue will cool fast. If something gets messed up, you can use a hair dryer to warm the hot glue so you can work with it again.

Tuck the end!

Trim the leather about a half inch longer than the end of the pipe. Put a bunch of hot glue on the end of the pipe, and work the leather in. Using a marker or other small plastic rod to work it in is best and safest. This will prevent burns!!

Step 4: Finish the Handle!


Sand the rock where you will be gluing it if smooth. Place some hot glue in the end of the hole and on your rock. Push them together! Make sure to use plenty. Keeping the sword upright (with the rock down) after putting them together will help in getting the hot glue to settle against the rock and leather.

Wrap the seams!

Use your strap/ribbon to cover the seams where the materials join. Just do this similar to the handle, starting with one spot and then working your way around. You can finish it clean like the leather, or just glue the end like I did. I gave the top three times around and the bottom only one.

This step is important, as you will be helping secure then seams, as well as make it look good. Be careful not to get any glue on exposed surfaces, so being a little more delicate here is important!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Swords!!

Have fun!!!!

Remember, safety first. :)

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