Introduction: Traditional Cough Medicine. Easy and Effective

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Are you cough? Try This Medicine. The flavour is Delicious. This is traditional medicine in my region!.

Ingredients to make it easy to come by.

Quick to make!

Easy to make!

Soothes throat pain!

And Delicious!

Lets make it.

Step 1: You Need

- 1tea Spoon Sugar

- 1Tea bag

- Ginger or red ginger

- (If you like. you can add lime)

- Cheese grater

- 2 Glass. 1 with hot / warm water

- Drink Filter

Step 2: Grated the Ginger

Grated smooth as possible into a Glass with Hot / Warm water

Step 3: Insert Tea Bags Into Glass and Stir Well

Step 4: Insert 1 Tea Spoon Sugar Into Empty Glass

Step 5: Insert the Traditional Medicine Into Empty Glass and Stir Well

Step 6: Feel the Sensation of Warmth in the Body!

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