Introduction: Traditional Swedish Knäck / Christmas Caramel Candy

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We, swedes have made this candy for many years around christmas time. It's an old tradition known in every household. It's hard and very sweet. My mom were going to make them for christmas so I decided to make an instructable at the same time.

Total time for instructable is 30 minutes at least.

Beware, small children can not be part of this. The boiling part is extremely dangerous due to its heat. You can get serious burns on your skin if not being careful.

Step 1: What You Will Need

× 1 deciliter (0.2 cups) (6.5 tablespoons) of almonds
1 deciliter=100 milliliters
Tbsp≈15 milliliters

× 200 very small cupcake forms.
× 3 deciliter (1.2 cups) (20 tbsp) of cream.
× 3 deciliter (1.2 cups) of baking syrup, maple syrup can be used as well.
× 3 deciliter (1.2 cups) (20 tbsp) of sugar.
× 1 tbsp of butter.

Step 2: Preparation

Begin to chop the almonds to small pieces. These are going to be used for later.

On a baking sheet, fill it with the knäck forms.

Step 3: Whipped Cream

In a bowl on the stove, add 1 dl (0.2 cups) (6.5 tbsp) of cream.

Step 4: Syrup

Add 3 dl (1.2 cups) (20 tbsp) of baking syrup. If you don't have baking syrup, maple syrup can be used as a substitute.

Step 5: Sugar

Add 3 dl (1.2 cups) (20 tbsp) of sugar.

Step 6: Butter

Add approximately 1 tbsp of butter.

Step 7: Heat Stove and Boil

Put the stove on maximum heat and let it boil for 7-10 minutes depending on the stove. Stir a little while boiling.

Step 8: Cold Water

Fill a small bowl with cold water. Don't add it in to the mixture.

Step 9: The Test

Pick up a small amount of the mixture with a spoon. BE CAREFUL. Don't let it get to your skin. Its heat is extremely dangerous. Bring the spoon in the cold water for 10 seconds. It sticks and solidifies. Have a taste! If it's too gooey boil it more.

Step 10: Almonds

Add the almonds and stir them around.

Step 11: Fill the Forms

Add the mixture in to a cup for easier filling the forms. Now, carefully fill the forms. Try to get it centered because it's easy for the forms to flip and everything gets messy. We don't want them to flip. Don't add too much because then they flip easier too. It's tricky but it gets easier after 50 years of practice.

And by the way, don't give it to your dog even if it begs for it.

Step 12: Done!

They solidify quickly and stays warm for a bit. We always put them in the freezer for christmas and they get really hard.

To make it clear, you suck on these. Don't bite them because your teeth will get hurt and maybe damaged.

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