Train Your Fishes to Eat From Your Hand




Introduction: Train Your Fishes to Eat From Your Hand

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I got a 4000 liters capacity water tank in our home garden for watering the plants, which also serves as home for a few gold fishes. Initially the fishes were very shy and never come to the surface when somebody was near the tank, even to eat their food, They would only surface when nobody was near by. I thought of training the fishes to be friendly and eat food from the hands without fear. it took me more than a month to train the fishes come to the surface whenever they see me and eat their food.

I have seen few youtube videos where people have trained fishes to swim in pairs and perform few tricks, but I am not an expert in fish training. However, I have achieved in making the fishes friendlier and comfortable with me even when I touch them in the water.

Step 1: Shy Fishes

Initially, the fishes were very shy and would not come to the surface when I fed them. They stayed below the surface waiting for me to move away. Then they slowly surfaced. made sure nobody was nearby and then ate their food.

Step 2: Training the Fishes

I started to feed less and move closer when the fishes surface and then feed little more. After a few days, the fishes remained on the surface to eat their food. Then I started to sprinkle few grains here and there in little quantities. Slowly the fishes started to eat even when my hand was near the surface of water. Day by day, the fishes became more confident and now whenever they see me they all surface waiting for the feed. Some of them also open their mouths for the food and stopped shying away even when I touch them.

Step 3: Video of Swift Movement of Fish

Watch this video. This was when the fishes used to come to the surface to eat food and when they touched my hand they just swiftly flipped away into the water.

Step 4: Friendly Fishes

This video shows the fishes coming to the surface and rushing towards my hand whenever they see me and eat their food without any fear. They stopped swimming away even when I touch them.

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    Reply 7 years ago

    thank you...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm glad you're enjoying a special bond with your fish friends! Just remember never to touch the fish or the surface of the water if you've recently used soaps or lotions on your hands. Sometimes we forget what we have on our skin and those things could muck up your water/ hurt the fish. It was fun to see their excitement in the video!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thank you... and thanks for your suggestion I will remember it when handling fishes


    7 years ago

    Fishes does not mean what you think it means... ;-P