Introduction: Training Stopwatch

-This instructable is originated from

I replaced:

1. "The Arduino Stopwatch" to "The Arduino Tranin' Stpwatch".

2. "Elapsed Time" to "You have run".

3. "Started..." to "Start your day with some endorphins"

It is a stopwatch that is designed for daily running. It is portable and easy to handle.

Step 1: Materials

This project only requires a few materials and are easily accessible:

-Arduino Uno×1

I bought it on

It is also available on Amazon:

US Link:

UK Link:

-LCD Keypad Shield×1

I bought it at

also available on:

US Link:

UK Link:

-USB A - B Connector Cable×1

It comes with the Arduino Uno when I bought it.

also available on:

US Link:

UK Link:

Step 2: Slot the LCD Display Onto the Arduino

Slot the LCD display onto the board from the most right pin (0, A5).

Step 3: Connect and Upload

Install the program and connect the Arduino board to your computer.

Upload it to your board, and then you can run your stopwatch.

Step 4: Run Your Stopwatch