Introduction: Transformable Extended Workbench - Thanks

1 introduction

I'm Zvone Keršič,  home in Trbovlje , Slovenia. This is an unusual case, but I would still ask you to read and post. I was thinking about how to do this, because there is insufficient space for such comments.I would like to thank you for what you have done for me and giving me the opportunity to show my skills. Friends, i don't know you, I don't know how your organization works, but you're doing excellent . What you did do for me. Let me explain,  this year I will be 60 years old, I have no job and I have a monthly fee of 80 euro. This situation has been going on for several years. I live with my wife, who has a job and support me and believe in me. We also have 2 daughters. One work, and the other is still studying. I was looking for a job, go to interviews, but who would hire an old worker. Working experience and education didn't help – the key was my age. I'm at home doing housework, because I want to be useful. I also develop and create useful things . By profession I am BSc metallurgy . I worked as a technologist , leader development , production manager , head of the construction, maintenance manager ..
My desire is to always discover new things , to acquire the knowledge that I am useful and help people.However, something amazing happened and the most beautiful thing of my life. I discovered your website. I've seen what people are doing , what ideas they have , what they are.I signed up to your site. You have accepted me without question who I am , what recommendations I have , what I'm doing . In all the world there is no such employer who would do that.During this time I did a multi-purpose trolley from materials that were available. I decided to introduce myself.  Why ? Trolley seemed useful , I've used the  materials that are discarded in order to make a useful thing . But also because of this , people laugh a little , make them feel good . But the result was such that it was very well received , people are praised and even has a patent number . How this happened I do not know . Believe me, I did not do it . Even if someone wanted to make 100 such from such materials do not mind . Spent the waste materials is useful thing to do .When I saw that there was no ridicule , I get a boost , whatsoever I have never had in my life. The buzz of creativity that could go off the flared into the fire .I came up with the idea to put 20 years old housing lying in the garage on wheels. It looked good . I installed circular saw , jigsaw , lathe … I discovered these second love . The first is of course my wife that I love, respect and appreciate .Thus, the table grew and grew . I got to know her enormous usefulness and usability, not just for me but for all people in the world . I worked for 6 months in unheated garage. Every month I took from 80EUR my income  to allocated  20EUR for the screws and the rest of what I could get . I had a huge desire to finish it .I brought to her all the best that was in me . My heart, my soul . I would also give my blood . I saw that the people who will be using it, will be able to improve their lifes , get the ideas , creativity and momentum.That encourage what was best in me . Nobody in life did not give me such a start and creativity as you. But would’t reach anything without you , friends and others who helped me .

Step 1: Design Requirements for the Table

2 Design requirements for the table

This is what I am writing now , not develop process . I would like to present this as a product .
Tables must be :
1 Small , medium, large , large ...
2 Usable for everyone - for amateurs to masters , craftsmen , workshops , schools , work in the field ...
3 Suitable for any room - a little larger , a large
4 You can have as many features as far as machinery or tools you have
5 Flexible for everyone
6 It has a quick-change option appliance or machine
7 Easy to use
8 has the possibility of any upgrades of your choice
9 can you do it gradually , depending on your options and needs
10 is a mobile wheel - you can freely drive around the room as best suits you
11 For it prepare you for the work process optimally - as you want
12 is a folding
13 It can be transported by car
14 He is always ready to work
15 Do not waste time to prepare for work - you take a table in the desired position , connect power and start working
16 It can be changed at any time
17 offers the possibility of rapid improvements
18 Comprehensive helpful
19 The productivity and efficiency of your work time is amazing
20 There is no need to search for listings and preparation - are always ready
21 has the option of changing forms - such as Transformers
22 is a disassembled

Step 2: Material of Table

3 Material of table

     Type of material Origin of age
1 Casing donated 25 years
2 Al Profiled panels donated 25 years
3.legs to my desk , couch -preserved body 20 years
4.mount for extension cirkularke donated parts drawing board for 35 years
4.desk light donated 40 years
5.side extension tables donated 25 years
6.metal plate extensions donated 10 years
7.mount bus - bottom shelf donated 10 years
8.wood black shelves - chipboard donated 10 years
9.wheels table donated , gave daughter 's birthday 6 months
10 The lower part of the drilling machine donated 40 years
11.angle profiles donated 10 years
12.magnifier  gift for my father for 50 years
13. flexible pipe magnifier donated 50 years
14. base for my magnifying glass , preserved , night light 25 years
15mount for my angle grinder , preserved housing couch 20 years

Step 3: 4 Evelopment Process Table

4 evelopment process table
Now I imagine that would put such matters to the constructor . This would probably say that this is not possible . This could be excellent in their field , but where I got the idea for the product. What materials would be selected . This would be a huge problem for him , even if I had all available .
  I'll explain my new way of developing products that you probably have not been described yet from no one in the world. Easy , cheap, friendly and in my humble opinion the best .
What is it?
You should know that I am that guy that likes to help people , do a little favor to them. Although I was without a job and with very little money , I still help people . They have given me a lot of things. So I got almost all the material , which I needed at the table .
Of course you can say that it all happened by chance . I technically educated man , I worked in product development , I know what the problems are ,constructors and developers . Where and how to get ideas for product requirements , find the best solutions . Never in my life have I seen or heard that was a product developed in such a way . This table was developed because of the knowledge , experience , my attitude towards people returned to the goodness of people. I also a result of how you appreciate the work of other people , what is my attitude towards the environment and stuff. That can produce a profile , it is necessary to excavate ore and enrich it , to make pig iron,  recovered,  designed, cut, fit , delivered to the store , sell , etc. . Why would destroy both the useful part and devalue the work of people ? What damage do yourself and the environment. What costs to do . Believe me, if only roughly calculated that , for a period of 40 years , would be astronomically high .
  How will you use this method in practice , this can not tell you . I can only advise that if you help people , if you appreciate the work of the people , if you develop products that will benefit people if you acquire the knowledge and experience you make superior products .
About this my theory or proceedings judge for yourself . Ask yourself what’s your experience . I believe that one thing happens by chance . I can also analyze events. However, I do not convince you that it can happen so many things happen to .

Step 4: 5 Usability

5 Usability
Anyone who makes a product , it wants to present to other people . I'm not doing commercials, I'll just say a few main options. Please note that this table is only a prototype and made of materials that we have available . If  I evaluate my own product with marks from 1 to 5 would be evaluated by -3 . This variant is an easy category and accounts for only a fraction of its capabilities. Is just the tip of the iceberg that floats on the sea.

Fields of application :
1.personal use
Versatile for any man , fast, efficient manufacture of any product for personal use, family, friends . Develops creativity , kindness , cooperation between people , improve the material situation.
2. Use in schools
  The best teaching tool , the best preparation procedures .
3.Use for craftsmen
  Most suitable for the preparation machines , the work efficiency of workers
4. Industry
Take a look at their work desks . Would you like a table that is adjustable for each procedure , every job can be changed as desired, providing optimal working conditions for each worker according to his needs , suitable for any room ? What kind of work can provide humanity ? Why so much time spent on work tables, which are not relevant ?
5. Natural  disaster
Can you imagine that such a system increases the table , fitted with larger machines that we have an army of people , creative , high personal culture and technical knowledge . That FEMA made available to such people to come to the place of disaster with fully equipped professional tables ? These people recovered all the useful things useful , maybe even better products. Can you imagine what would be the efficiency of their work ? My thinking is that the usefulness of their work is such that the consequences of what any disaster , there would be no problem to remove .

This is what I wrote is my personal thinking . Look around you , what and how things happen , think and tell me what you think .

Step 5: 6 Conclusion

6 Conclusion

People love to read about the good and beautiful things. Such is the tale story . But it would be totally different if it had not been for you my friends . When I was 9 years old , I believe that there may be beings on other planets . However , if someone told me that my best friends are people that do not get to see or know that I will be most helpful , that I would not believe it. Such is you. I do not know who you are, what you are , I sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me. I will continue to work with you to develop new products and help people . This will pass the HomemadeTols and other forums . There are many people who have helped me . I would also like to thank them.
I would like to tell you something about the people who helped me.
1. my wife and family. I appreciate, respect her and would do anything for her. She is the first lady of the world. She trusted and helped me. She was in charge, that these table was created.How? She told me to clean the garage. I've think. She's right. The garage must be tidy. So, first cart and then table was created.You see, it's so if you have a beautiful wife and obey her . Daughters are helping me out too. The whole family has contributed to the table.

2. Rado Kovič this is a wonderful man. He helped me when I needed help the most.
The first time I talked to him on the phone. Asked him if I can mail my a nuts. You know what he said ? Do you need them immediately . I say you can have them delivered within a week . I asked him how much it will cost . I did not know whether I have enough money. He said not much. The next day the postman delivered me nuts - free of charge . I called him and asked how much I owed him . He said nothing . I promised him that I would recommend their products to other people . Why ? Because I firmly believe in their quality , usefulness , usability , and because the man with whom it is worth participate .
Gave me the nuts produced by his company, Raf d.o.o., there are many other good quality and useful products that he produces. He came to the presentation of my working tables on the market in Trbovlje. He brought a son with him. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Son is a constructor, technologist and above all, a very good man . Why Is That? He had a good teacher.

3. look at my young friends Domen Andrenšek, Nina, Tadej Prančič, Armin Šalja. They are my students, friends, and co-workers. Developing wonderful things. You'll hear more about them.

4. my neighbor Jože Žagar — he gave me profiles, shelves, metal plates. They're not needed, and told me to take them. Can't tell you how much he did me a favor.

5. Liv kolesa from – working great wheels and many other products. They believed in me and gave me without hesitation wheels for the table. I replaced the original with their wheels. Now, the table can take the uneven terrain. These are suitable for each area of work. I want people to be able to use a table anywhere, not only in the workshops.

6. I talked with 3 way, a company that has excellent programs for the design, processing, etc. I explained to them what I have done, that I want to develop this table for the people. I can do it faster and better to show people the table . They gave me their program, so I can help people.

7. Also, the company that sells the RHS computers, related equipment and services, and is a representative of the company Helwet Packard helps me. Lend me  computer for presentation.

8. I invited representative of the farmers ' wives and girl’s from Trbovlje, Slovenia, to join me at my table. Why Is That? You should know that this wonderful woman baked goodies for events and are available to all the people who come. People get these goodies for free. They're always invited me to there’s table, delights. This time, I asked them and they say thank you. It is that people know what they are, because their products are an expression of goodness to other people.
9. when I asked a friend  Zemunič Buco-ta, this one has a painting and exterior cover, etc. He took the table and trolly to the market. He, too, in addition to his profession, helping people.

10. when I spoke on the phone with Mr. Jamškom dir. Metalije in Trbovlje – manufacturing conveyors, eventuely serial production of desks,he came into my garage. You know a lot of directors who go after these things? Take a look at my work desk. He told me that currently do not have options for serial production.
Provided, however, that in the Metaliji produced 4 prototype of the table according to my plans.

11. I asked Mr. Zupan, who has a graverstvo, making captions, if I can make business cards and draw the tiles for the working table. As soon as he promised, his helped.

12. of course, there are other people who have helped me with the  contribution  that   improved my life. Because of this, too, to help other people.

Now, however, a surprise for the end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to this, I have provided production for 4 tables, I decided to give 2 tables to you who helped me.
1 the table goes on instructables
1 the table goes on a homemade
These two organizations will be selecting the person’s that  need a table. The table will be without machines. What kind of machines will be on the table, depends on your help.
These two people have to make a new table, or better.they will put them on Instructables or homemade You're going to pick the person again, which need’s it.
I'm going to try to provide a serial production tables soon. Who and where it's going to work, I don't know.
When there're finished, I will notify  instructables and homemade You will have to come to Slovenia in Trbovlje,. You will get them in a magical garden, around goodies that will be done by our wives.
I'm warning you about something: both the table will have only my statement that these two table as a gift for the benefit of the people. There will be no export papers, documents and the like. I consider such a thing are not necessary.
You will have a little bit of imagined how that would look like, check out the video. Who says that there is no paradise on Earth. This is only 5 minutes away from my home.


Zvonko Keršič Dipl. ing. metallurgy