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It was tough to distill my dream project into 60 seconds!  Valuable experience, thanks.
Ever since I was born, 11/10/1963, I have loved transforming things.

After 26 years up-cycling paper I am creating a social enterprise out of the designs. The pieces from marionettes to vessels will be made collaboratively by women in transition. This will help them be more financially & emotionally independent and less dependent on outside support. It is meant to be a resting place, a gathering point that people will come to for a while, then find their wings and move on. Proceeds of the work sold will benefit youth at risk and restorative justice.

Our product is really the transformation that occurs during the making of the objects for sale. It is this product that could never have a price. But this part of the business that people can feel when they hold a piece of the work in their hands.

Paper beads are popular, but the shape is limiting. However, over the years,  I have invented an original way to make paper into pliable fibers that stand the test of time. ( see images on the video ) Wearable art and design has allowed me to be self employed for 26 years , supplying over 200 stores in North America at one time, and still have clients with major art gallery gift shops. Now, I will be able to help others do the same, and give back to the agencies that helped them through tough times. 

Like the old sewing circles where people gather around to network, our studios are places that people come to find a listening ear, community wisdom and make some money at the same time. 

$25,000 would really get the party started!!
It would be used to rent a studio for us to work out of, get the tutorials made professionally, buy sufficient high quality supplies/packaging and get representation on and at their trade shows. 
I want agencies all over the country to get involved and even in Canada! 

I am working on some new marketing ideas with internet apps and affiliate mob marketing that will really be fun
and connect groups that are at this point disconnected. 

Carolyn Dawn Good.
Eugene, Oregon

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