Introduction: Transformer's Baby - Arduino Avoiding Obstacle Robot

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Robot called by my son - Transformer's Baby ;-). Intelligent toy which can autonomously drive on the floor avoiding obstacles


To learn some robotics, to have a fun, to play with Your kids, to make an intelligent toy, to try programming.

What is needed:

Arduino Uno

Plywood or cardboard for the robot frame

2 DC motors with controler (best is ready to use KIT)

distance sensor

electronic switch

9V battery

Glue (best is hot glue in gun)

Step 1: Project & Frame

First You need to make the project. Don't skip this step! The project doesn't have to be very accurate. As You see on the picture it's enough if You draw the shape of the robot's frame and try to place elements on the project to see if all will fit.

If You have a project, take a plywood/cardboard and cut the needed parts. That is: robots floor, top and sides.

Step 2: Mounting All Together

If You have all parts try to glue them all. Start from the robot's floor, then add DC motors, other electronics and then glue the rest frame parts.

At the end add the robot's top. I've used cabinet's hinge to make the top openable.

Step 3: Electronics & Programing

Electronic circuit for the robot is very easy.

On top of the arduino uno there is DC motor controller. Two motors are connected to him.

Two pins of the arduino is used for distance sensor connection.

Whole device is powered by 9V battery which is connected to arduino via power switch.

The C program for arduino is quite easy. I've attached it to this instructable.

Step 4: Final Touch

Raw playwood/cardboard doesn't look very well, so it's good idea to paint the robot with spray paint, make some mouth and nose ;-)

And that's all. Now You can enjoy Your self moving, autonomous robot.

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