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Introduction: Transparent Wallet

About: Make it yourself if you cannot buy one!

This instuctables show how to use a transparent A3 file fold a OKAIRU, a transparent wallet.

Step 1: What Is OKAIRU?

OKAIRU start design from 2009, it is original inspired by Mighty Wallet. Mighty Wallet is very light in weight, but it is too thin and too lossy, so it cannot support the contents well and hard to use it in single hand. So I designed OKAIRU.

OKAIRU is seamless design, that means you do no require glue or seam to make it. Simply cut it out and fold it, you can get a decent transparent wallet.

P.S. the name OKAIRU come from 2 Japanese words, OKaNe (お金, money) and FaIRu (ファイル, file).

Step 2: Preparation

A transparent A3 file, any color is ok.

Step 3: Print Out Template

The template is a little bit smaller than A2 in size, you can split it into 2 A3 or 4 A4 to print it out.

Step 4: Align & Combine Print Out

Step 5: Unfold the A3 File

Cut or split the bottom binding to unfold the A3 file.

Step 6: Align & Mark Template

Align the A3 file folding line on the template line then use a used up ball pen mark the line on the file.

Step 7: Cut It Out

Step 8: Folding

Follow the OKAIRU DIY Kit tutorial folding the transparent wallet.

Step 9: Customization

This transparent wallet can make many customisation, e.g.:

  • Use different color file to make the card divider
  • Find your favour picture from magazine and cut it out to make the wallet cover
  • Since the whole wallet is transparent, there are many place to place small photo
  • You may also make a foreign currency exchange rate list as a cover when you travel
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2 years ago

nice wallets!!!


Question 3 years ago

Hello! These little wallets and coin holders are brilliant! In the video it shows pre-cut pieces coming out of a diy kit. There is English language printing on the kit envelope so I was wondering where the kits are available in the USA or online. I have some arthritis in my fingers which makes delicate cutting hard, but I could still manage the folding part okay. I would purchase several in different colors for different uses.


Answer 3 years ago

This is a 9 years old project, I have already sold out all my 10 thousands stock. You may give me an address at private message box to buy one while stock last ;)