Introduction: Trash Bag Fashoin

Have extra grocery bags laying around? Are you interested in fashion? Here's a step-by-step on how to turn your plastic trash into a fashionable dress! We are high school students and we will teach you a simple way to turn your TRASH INTO TREASURE!

Materials: 3 white trash bags, 2 clear trash bags, 10 grey plastic bags (grocery bags), old jewelry, old beads, old springs, fabric glue, hot glue, scissors

Step 1: Making the Base

Step 1:

  • Cut bottom of white trash bag off
  • Put it around the manikin, singed part at the top and tie it tight (this will be the base for the dress)
  • Staple the extra material in the back to make the dress tight
  • Repeat for a second layer to make it more sturdy

Step 2: Adding Layers

Step 2:

  • Repeat step one with a clear trash bag to finish off the base

*This step is optional, but helps to bring the base together by flattening wrinkles, and covering the yellow coloring of the singed top*

Step 3: Adding Cross Neckline

Step 3:

  • To make the neck line, take another clear trash bag,
  • Connect the two ends together and staple together (top of trash bag to bottom of trash bag)
  • Put stapled trash bag around bust
  • Twist into infinity loop
  • Put front loop over the head, around the neck
  • This should create a cross in front for the neck line

Step 4: Cutting Fringe

Step 4:

  • Take your grey plastic bag and a pair of scissors
  • Cut fringe out of bags that are about 3-4 inches long
  • The fringed should be cut in the shape of a tall, thin isosceles triangle with a pointy tip
  • You will need A LOT of these to create layers of fringe on your dress
  • Avoid cutting out words, you want to make sure all of the fringe is solid grey

Step 5: Connecting Fringe

Step 5:

  • Take fabric glue and apply it to the top end of the fringe pieces
  • Attach fringe to dress starting at the bottom
  • Put each row close together (the rows should cover entire front half of the dress)
  • Fill up entire front of the dress with fringe except for the white cross neck line

Step 6: Adding Design

Step 6:

  • Take old jewelry and get creative!
  • This is an example of the decoration we added to the neck line with a combination of old jewelry, beads, and springs
  • We attached our design to the dress with hot glue
  • You can add any design you desire

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Step 7:

  • Take a step back and examine your dress
  • Are there places that need more fringe? Any falling off jewelry? Anything that needs to be glued down or cut off?
  • If not, enjoy your dress and be proud of all your hard work!
  • Congratulations! To transfer it to someone body, cut straight down the back and staple it together on the person. You turned plastic into fashion, you turned TRASH INTO TREASURE!

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