Introduction: Trash Bag Pom Poms

This DIY project would be great for someone looking to make their own cheerleading costume or for any groups who need accessories for a parade or event to show some school spirit! Reading this step by step instruction will help you execute the perfect pom pom for your event. If you are looking to make these, this is an easy read and taking a look at the steps right before you begin your project would be easy. Just make sure you have the correct supplies! When using scissors, always use caution - especially if you have younger children around. Do not leave scissors laying on the ground; this could cause injury if stepped on. You will need different colored trash bags and a pair of sharp scissors to make these pom poms. Each pom pom took about 5 minutes to make. When making multiple pom poms, plan on at least an hour to make.

Step 1: Unroll Two (2) Trash Bags and Lay Flat.

Cut off both ends of trash bag.

Step 2: Un-fold Once and Lay Flat.

Step 3: Place Trash Bags on Top of One Another.

Step 4: Line Up One Corner and Trim Excess Off the Bottom and Sides

This will allow your trash bags to be even and the same size

Step 5: Find the Middle of the Bags and Cut in Half.

Keep bags on top of one another for this step and make sure you are cutting through both bags.

Trim edges on last time where there might be any folds.

Make sure all ends are open to ensure free flowing pieces in the end.

Step 6: Stack Both Square Pieces.

Make sure to alternate your colors.

Step 7: Place Hand in the Center and Mark How Wide Your Fist Is.

This will tell you how long to cut your strips.

Mark by making a crease where your thumb and pinky finger are.

Step 8: Cut Strips Toward the Crease From Your Fist.

The wider you cut the strips, the fluffier the pom pom will be.

Step 9: Gather the Trash Bag Together in the Middle and Tie the Middle Section Together

Use tape or extra string of trash bag to secure the middle area where you will hold the pom pom.

Step 10: Pull Apart Each Individual Strip

There will be about 4 pieces stuck together on each "strand" you cut.

Be sure to pull apart each piece to create the fluffy pom pom affect!

Step 11: Fluff Strips Until They Look Fluffy Enough.