Introduction: Trash to Treasure Acrylic Pour

Today I will be making an acrylic pour with old things found in my storage that are just collecting dust. So I am making a very neat and interesting art piece called an acrylic pour. I am making an acrylic pour with items that are taking up space and collecting dust around your house.


  • Any old or badly painted on canvas
  • Old wall paint
  • Measuring devices
  • Mixing cups and sticks
  • White glue
  • Water
  • A place you can make a mess in
  • (Optional) Clear liquid varnish
  • (Optional) Lighter
  • (Optional) Silicone oil
  • (Optional) Plate knife and paint spreader
  • (Optional) Funnel

Step 1: Trash to Treasure Acrylic Pour: Step 1 Base

To start it off I am going to use old or messed up canvases. Then next I am going to take 1/2 a cup of white Elmer's glue this glue I found from my sister who likes to make slime I used her extra white glue. Next, you will add with the glue 2 tablespoons of water put both of these ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix until it is all the same texture. This is optional but you can add silicone oil this is what adds the little circular blobs but if you are adding silicone oil add 4 drops and mix the rest. This mixture will be enough to pour on a 10 by 12 canvas.

(This glue and water recipe can be multiplied or divided for use of smaller or bigger canvases.)

Step 2: Trash to Treasure Acrylic Pour: Step 2 Color

Once I have all my glue, water, and silicone oil mixed I am going to separate into 4 separate cups but you can use as many cups as you want. I am adding color with old wall paint found in my storage room mix the colors together and now you are ready to start pouring.

Step 3: Trash to Treasure Acrylic Pour: Step 3 Pouring

When making an acrylic pour there are multiple techniques and I will be showing you a few. The first technique is the easiest this is just taking each cup of color and pouring it straight onto the canvas. Once the colors have been poured you will tilt the canvas to spread the paint you will want to try and spread the paint to reach all the sides and corners so none of the canvas can be seen. Now when the spreading is finished if you want to you can take a lighter turn it on and run it back and forth over your painting this is what will make the circular blobs that artists call cells. That was the first method the second will be quite a bit different instead of pouring the paint mixture straight on the canvas you will need to pour it in a cup you can pour the colors in any order. With all the colors in your cup quickly flip the cup over onto the canvas so the open side is touching the canvas once the cup is on the canvas pull up the cup and the paint will flow out. Do the same as the last and try and make the paint flow to reach all of the sides and corners of the canvas you can also run the torch over it again to add the cells.

(Disclaimer it is hard to get cells without using silicone oil and then running a lighter over it.)

Step 4: Trash to Treasure Acrylic Pour: Step 4 Pouring

In this step I will be showing even more acrylic pouring techniques, I will be showing two other techniques including the swipe and funnel pour. So I will first tell you about the funnel pour this will leave a cool effect of a normal pour but surrounded by white. First, you will mix your paint and make white with this white you will spread it all over your canvas so no canvas can be seen. Second you will mix your colors like normal and put them in a funnel when you are putting the colors in the funnel you should put the bottom skinny part on your finger so the paint doesn't leak out. Once the paint is in the funnel swiftly move the bottom skinny bit on the canvas, now you will drag the funnel slowly lifting at times to get some extra paint out. After all the paint from the funnel is on the canvas to add cells again run a lighter over the painting to get your cells. The last technique I will be sharing with you is the swipe technique for this technique you will have to have a lot of paint so pick a color and make a larger amount of the color than the others. With the color, you made extra of, pour that color in the middle of the canvas and add other colors around the middle color. once you have the paint set up take a paint spreader and start from the middle and spread the paint outwards. After mine was dry I painted an abstract symbol with black paint over the original painting.

Step 5: Trash to Treasure Acrylic Pour: Step 5 Extras

Now since you have finished your paintings wait for them to dry. After they are dried you can add a varnish to your paintings to give a more desirable look. How I add my varnish I almost fill the whole painting with varnish and spread it with a popsicle stick. Also to add a mythical effect glitter can be added to the varnish.

I hope acrylic pouring will work for you and I hope you have a fun time making art to share with friends and family or to just keep yourself for decorating. Thank You

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